10 Exterior House Upgrades to Consider

Your home’s exterior is crucial for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Upgrading the exterior of your home boosts its curb appeal to maintain its value and create an appealing environment for the family. Below is a list of exterior house upgrades to consider.

Upgrade Your Roofing

The roof is the most crucial component of your home, and keeping it in good condition is essential. An old or damaged roof makes the whole house seem bad. There are multiple commercial and residential roofs to choose from when updating your home. Metal roofing is popular as it is long-lasting and durable. Regardless of the material you choose for your roof, you should hire a professional for installation.

Redoing the roof may be expensive but is known to make a huge difference. The top improves the exterior vibe of your property, and when done right, it improves the overall value of your home should you decide to sell it. Increase your earnings and minimize the time your home stays on the market by hiring a reliable roofing company to repair your deteriorated roof or install a new one. A trusted professional assists you in choosing the suitable materials, explaining what needs to be done, and completing the exterior house upgrades according to industry standards.

Update Your Siding

House siding is an essential aspect of the home’s exterior and is crucial to ensure it is in perfect condition. A damaged or old siding makes the whole house look bad, which may cause potential buyers to avoid purchasing it should you consider selling it. There are multiple sidings to choose from when updating your home. Most homeowners prefer vinyl siding, which is relatively easy to maintain and inexpensive. Those who want something that offers extra luxury should consider brick siding. Regardless of the material, it would be best if you considered hiring a reputable professional to install it in your house correctly.

Re-siding your home is a crucial exterior house upgrades project that increases the resale value of your house should you consider selling it later. The first step to an effective re-siding process is selecting reliable building materials to ensure distinctive and quality curb appeal. Hire a siding contractor with tons of experience to ensure the project goes smoothly and within the budget.

Install New Windows and Doors

Take a tour around your house and assess the functionality and aesthetics of your windows. The seals may require replacement or repair if you feel drafts emanating from the windows. You may also consider replacing your old windows with energy-efficient and modern options. Evaluate the current color trends a potential roofer recommends inspiration when installing or replacing new windows.

Adding a unique front door improves the curb appeal instantly as it is the area guests notice first when they approach your home. An ideal front door must be stylish, maintain comfortable temperatures, keep excess heat out, and resist extreme winds. You may also consider a grand double entrance for an impressive appearance. You can replace your door when doing roofing repair to enhance a functional home with aesthetics that match your style and taste.

Install New Gutters

Remove gutters when pursuing siding and roofing projects. You can save labor costs and time by waiting for exterior house upgrades to replace them. Most homeowners tend to underestimate the gutter’s importance. If you are aware of the vital role played by gutters, you will understand that they play a critical role in ensuring the integrity of a property. Many homeowners may view damaged or clogged gutters as a minor issue, but if immediate action is not taken, they may compromise the roof foundation and the property’s structure. Have your gutters inspected routinely and seek help from a local roofing company if your gutter system has issues.

You could hire a local roofing contractor for gutter repair or installation. Hire a company with professionals who can replace, maintain, or repair your gutters to ensure your house is well protected from water-related damage. Consider roofing contractors offering warranties and financing options for their exterior house upgrades and those who offer homeowners the best option depending on their situation. You may require gutter repairs, gutter maintenance, or a new gutter installation.

Replace Your Garage Door

A new garage door improves the overall curb appeal of your home, keeps you and your family safe, and saves energy. There are multiple materials and styles to choose from, and advancements in technology allow companies to capture your home’s photographs and display multiple door options through a smartphone or a tablet, so you can select one that looks best. There are smart phone directed openers and garage door remote clickers. Still, most homeowners prefer using an app on their smartphones, a remote control inside their vehicle, or an electronic lock outside the garage.

A damaged garage door allows more air to enter the house. The air raises the temperature inside your garage, especially in summer, which heats your home, increasing the air conditioning costs. The excess cold air admitted via a broken garage door raises the heating costs in winter. The damage to the garage door may be minor, such as fading paint. If the damage is purely cosmetic, homeowners get extra value upon repairing the door rather than replacing it. If the damage is severe such that the garage door no longer closes or opens as it should, you may consider replacing it with a functional and new entrance. Installing a new garage door should be in order if it makes a squealing noise when in operation, gets stuck, or fails to open.

Construct a Backyard Shed

There are multiple variables to consider if you plan to build a backyard shed. You may want to consider your preferred interior furnishings, their size, where to erect them, and the materials and colors you wish. If your home or garage can no longer house various household tools and appliances, you need to have your backyard shed. A backyard shed frees up the much-needed space inside your home, and you can store your lawn tools and equipment in the structure to create more space in your house and the garage. You can use your backyard shed to store your sports gear, kids’ toys, and gardening tools and access them when necessary.

A backyard shed can store hazardous materials. The shed is a haven for such materials to ensure the children and pets do not come into contact with them to minimize the possibility of ingesting them and becoming ill. Keep your household cleaning materials, including detergents, bleach, farm pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killer products. Most potential homebuyers look for additional amenities and specialty items, including a backyard shed, before deciding on a property to purchase. A backyard shed serves as the final selling point as it motivates a prospective homeowner to choose your property over others in the same locality. Take time with the help of a professional to fabricate a safe, visually appealing, secure, and durable backyard shed to increase the overall value of your property. A well-crafted backyard shed boosts your home’s curb appeal and augments the property’s resale value. Hire home siding services to ensure the backyard shed has the required aesthetics that match your preferences and taste.

Install Fencing

Adding a fence elevates your home’s curb appeal as it ties various exterior elements together. There are different available options in terms of variety, material, design, shape, and style when selecting fencing for your property. You may consider vertical fencing, horizontal fencing, and other fencing styles that utilize various materials, including vinyl, wood, or aluminum. The residential fencing you opt for must be cost-effective, durable, and highly affordable. You may opt for vinyl, aluminum, or wood fences as they are long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective exterior house upgrades. Seek help from a contractor to establish the type of fence ideal for your property, depending on the weather conditions in your locality.

Residential fencing helps to define your property lines, and demarcating your property is considered crucial nowadays. The fence keeps trespassers at bay and is a line of defense to separate your property from your neighbors. It also gives you a sense of security and privacy, and you and your family can enjoy your free time sitting on the lawn. The fencing allows you to relax inside your property compound and minimizes the chances of strangers accessing your property. Invest in residential fencing to increase the resale value of your property as it improves the curb appeal. Hire the best residential siding contractor to install a fence to ensure you get a good return on investment should you consider selling your property later.

Repair or Replace Your Driveway

Your driveway works extra hard as it gets exposed to daily pressures. With time, the elements, oil leaks, and erosion degrade the surface material. Stains, cracks, potholes, age, and failed drainage wears out the driveway, which decreases the curb appeal of your property. If there are visible cracks in your driveway, it is an indication that the surface needs immediate attention to avoid the possibility of expensive issues occurring later. If the cracks are less than a quarter inch wide, you can opt to refinish or reseal the entire driveway surface to facilitate a uniform appearance. If the cracks are more significant than a quarter inch, it may indicate a major issue, especially for those living in areas subjected to freezing temperatures. In this kind of scenario, replacing the entire driveway surface would be best.

If your driveway has drainage issues left unresolved for long, it can weaken the driveway surface, increasing potholes and cracking. There are multiple ways to rectify drainage issues, depending on the type of material. You can opt to replace drainage piping, install-strip drains, or add curbing with the help of a professional. You must replace your concrete driveway after 25 years and your asphalt driveway after at most 20 years. Repairing a driveway that has surpassed its age is not a wise exterior house upgrades investment. Replace an older driveway with new and modern materials to increase its lifespan, improve your property’s overall curb appeal, and increase your property’s resale value.

Create Lighted Pathways

Consider lighting up your garden to add utility and elegance for future gatherings. These lights are ideal for illuminating pathways toward or away from your home. There are multiple reasons for lighting pathways around a house. Most homeowners do it to highlight the location of the entrances, boost curb appeal, and for safety and ease when traversing the compound after dark. There is a feeling of relief when you and your guests know where you are heading and the worry of someone falling and tripping less with such exterior house upgrades.

You can install eco-friendly pathway lighting with the help of a professional. Artificial lights create light pollution within populated areas, including cities and towns, which has multiple adverse effects on animals who experience confusing biological clocks, difficulties foraging, avoidance of places, and deviation from custom migration routes. You can install eco-friendly lighting to avoid such negative consequences. The power source should be renewable, and most professionals use solar power to minimize dependency on fossil fuels and offset the emissions. Solar-powered outdoor lights benefit the environment due to zero emissions and are self-sustaining as they do not require connections upon installation and are efficient exterior house upgrades.

Paint Your House

If your home’s paint is dingy, worn, or discolored, you should consider repainting. A well-painted house transforms your home’s curb appeal drastically and increases the property’s resale value should you consider selling it later. Hire a reputable painter to recommend quality materials, provide a free estimate, and perform the exterior house upgrades according to your schedule. Painting your house is essential to ensure your property has a long-lasting impression. Ensure you select a color that fits your property’s overall aesthetics and landscaping. A fresh coat of paint is an additional layer of protection from various natural elements and keeps your home safe from insects, weather damage, and dust. The paint minimizes rotting and helps you avoid significant repair costs. A decent coat of paint allows homeowners to identify multiple issues with the property’s exterior. Repainting your home reveals various flaws such as mildew, mold, and water stains, allowing for early repairs.

There are multiple exterior house upgrades to entice potential homebuyers. If you make the listed changes, your property will become more valuable and appealing attracting more potential homebuyers.

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