2022 Tattoo Trends

With so many tattoo parlors shutting down due to Covid, tattoo lovers everywhere are antsy to get back in the shop. Every single year, new tattoo designs become trendy across the globe, and 2022 is no different. Check out these epic tattoo trends that will make you want to make an appointment with your tattoo artist ASAP!

Without a doubt, tattoos are no passing trend. With so many different art styles and new techniques coming out every year, you will never see the same tattoo twice.

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This year, the style of micro realism is taking the tattoo world by storm. Teeny tiny tattoos of deeply intricate animals and people are becoming gorgeous pieces. Additionally, 90’s tattoos are making a comeback this year. Retro Japanese-style tattoos and tribal tattoos are back in style, and everything that was popular 5 years ago will be on the top of people’s lists again soon. Fine line tattoos were popular last year, and they will continue to rise in popularity in 2022. Tiny little face and neck pieces are also in style right now, as abstraction and minimalism is still lingering from past years.


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