A Delicious Drink With Solid Health Benefits Why Red Wine Makes The Perfect Gift For Someone You Love

You’re thinking of going to buy rare wines for your next great birthday or housewarming gift. The only problem is…you’re not sure which wine.

Red wine is a classic staple of any dinner table, beloved for its rich taste and ability to bring out the hidden notes in a prime steak. White wine is often seen at wedding celebrations and is indispensable for creating that classy atmosphere. To buy rare wines is to truly go above and beyond for someone you care about! Whittling all this information down into that final purchase takes a little research. If you’re torn between fine white French wines or delicious Italian red wines, take a look below.

From flavor to hidden meaning, the strength of wine can be yours to harness. Onward!

Wine Remains A Drink Of Choice For Many Americans

Which alcoholic beverage is the choice of the century? According to recent studies, wine still holds the top spot without even trying. A Harris poll revealed women tend to choose wine over beer as their favorite relaxing beverage, with 45% of respondents naming it a go-to choice. American wine retail sales are expected to increase by an impressive 10% once 2020 arrives. In the meantime you can catch up on history, all the better to buy rare wines for the right occasion.

Every Glass Of Wine Comes With A Unique History

Wine has been around for a long time, to say the least. It was first discovered around 6,000 years ago in the Middle East, gradually spreading throughout the rest of the world to take on unique forms. The United States, in particular, has California leading the pack in wine production. A 2016 study saw 950 million gallons of wine being consumed! The smooth flavor, strong finish, and health benefits of wine will no doubt keep it popular for years to come.

The Classic Appeal Of Red Wine

When you think of French red wines, you likely think of a rich, deep cherry red. Red wine remains the quintessential drink of choice for casual enthusiasts and passionate drinkers alike. Its powerful flavor and fruity tang bring out the savory flavor of any meal. Recent research has also found drinking two glasses of wine per day is linked to a 20% drop in an early death. This is likely thought to be because of wine’s antioxidants and ability to lower blood pressure.

The Unique Taste Of White Wine

While both red and white wine are made out of similar grapes, their fermentation process will differ. Red wine generally has more alcohol in it, cementing it as a robust and hearty choice for your next Valentine’s Gift. For those that want to bring something more suitable to, say, a baby shower, white wine is the way to go. Its lighter taste and subtle color are the perfect choice when you go to buy rare wines online. Consider pairing your gift with a lovely wineglass or quaint wineholder.

The Fun Appeal Of Sparkling Wine

Sometimes you just have to go with something bubbly. Sparkling wine gives you the best of both worlds, adding the fuzziness of a classic beer with the smooth finish you’ve come to know and love. A recent survey among American wine lovers found the most popular choice to be red at 40%, while white followed close behind at 30%. Champagne, despite its unique name, is simply a type of sparkling wine. The most popular varieties include Prosecco and Blanquette de Limoux.

Now that you’re armed with the right knowledge, buy rare wines that are best suited to the occasion. Red wine to say congratulations or white wine for a bachelorette party? You can’t go wrong with a good glass!

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