Art Is The Window To Your Soul Enhancing Your Art Collection With Lesser-Known Latin Artists

Art shapes the world around us. Likewise, we are in a constant act of shaping our art.

It’s why you’re greeted with soft, relaxing paintings when visiting a clinic. It’s the foundation that undercuts a bright, happy children’s playroom or a low-key cafe setting. Latin artists today provide some of the most stunning, evocative paintings seen around the world. From the gentle minimalism of Linda Kohen to the poppy colors of Fernando Toledo, you open up an avenue for a more beautiful environment with just one installation. Now’s a great time to get back in touch with your artistic roots and remember what helped you fall in love with art in the first place.

When you furnish a room with the best art gallery possible, you open up better ways of communicating with people…as well as yourself.

Art is all around us. We see it in our fashion, our architecture, even the way we arrange buttons on our phone. The global art market has always been booming, valued at nearly $65 billion back in 2017. Today’s most lucrative sectors remain the filmmaking and videogame industries, though there is plenty of growth in the fine art sector. According to a recent study, painting remains the most popular media found in global collections at 85%.

There are several organizations dedicated to helping artists — and their communities — flourish. There are over 110,000 non-profit arts organizations employing two and a half million artists in the workforce. American society wouldn’t be the same without art providing psychological and social health benefits. Currently, American artists appear in 40% of art collections around the world. If you want to support international artists, however, contemporary art galleries have a strong Latin influence to explore.

Linda Kohen, Fernando Toledo, and Mauricio Contreras are just a few of the most well-known Latin fine artists today. According to a fine art survey, Hispanic and Latin artists constitute just 3% of the artists whose work is displayed in museums. Not only will you be exploring your own unique voice with fine art purchases, you’ll be supporting lesser-known artistic communities. Art collections are in a constant state of flux, growing with you and those you care about.

Corporate art dealers are always looking for the next big voice in the fine art community. While painting is the most popular form of media, collage and drawings have a significant sector you can tap into. Nearly 55% of art collections around the world have over 500 artworks to their name. It’s important to emphasize quality over quantity, however. The best gallery is not how much you own, but what the pieces mean to you.

Whether you’re searching for art in business interiors or a painting for a dear friend, there is a wealth to choose from today. Linda Kohen, Karen Estrada, and Jose Perdomo are just a few Latin artists you can look into to start enhancing your collection. Art is proven to improve our mental and emotional functions, affecting our mood every time they’re interacted with.
Consider reaching out to a Latin art auction and speaking with a corporate art dealer.

The world around you is just brimming with potential. Take hold of it and invest in artists that make life better piece by piece.

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