Bail 101: What Is It and Is It Fair?

Bail is an important part of our legal system. While you’re innocent until proven guilty, you might still find yourself in jail. Even if you are eventually found innocent, you may have spent weeks or months behind bars as your court case proceeds. Fortunately, you may be able to use a bail bond company to post bail so you can enjoy freedom while your court case is resolved.

Bail has often been an especially major burden for the poor, working-class, and middle class.

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A millionaire probably won’t struggle to post $50,000 in bail. Even if he or she doesn’t have the money on hand, a rich person can probably get it pretty quickly. If you only earn $50,000 or $25,000 a year, however, you may struggle to come up with the money.

So long as you meet your court dates and follow the rules set forward by the court, you will get money put forward for bail back. Yet coming up with the cash in the first place can be hard.

Fortunately, a bail bond company may be able to post bail for you in exchange for a fee. Ultimately, these companies help improve equity by providing people with the resources needed to post bail.

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