Casino Night Ideas For Your Next Neighborhood Party

Fun party themes

Tired of the same old wine and cheese nights for every social event? Spice things up with a casino party! A casino theme party can be casual or classy, low-key or a full blow-out. After all, casinos themselves vary greatly in their aesthetics, so you can tune your party planning to your guests.

The one thing you can’t throw a casino night without, however, is a good game setup. Take these casino night ideas to heart while you turn your tired old soiree into a hot night of adult fun!

  • Poker
    Poker is a must at any casino night, mostly because it’s one of the most popular games people know and enjoy. About 40 million play poker regularly, and even more at least know the basic ropes. Find out who among your crowd is a real card shark, and who has the worst poker face!
  • Blackjack
    Blackjack can be a fun addition to your casino night ideas because it’s a simple enough game to understand, even for beginners. As host, you can play dealer and have some friendly competition among your guests. In standard casinos, the blackjack dealer wins 48% of the time, and players only win 44% of the time — so you can stop people from getting too competitive!
  • Craps
    Craps is the most exciting game in the casino, and with a little forethought, you can recreate that excitement right in your homestead. While there are a lot of rules and lingo to official craps, you can be a little more lenient — just be upfront with the house rules to make sure everyone plays fair!
  • Go Fish
    When all else fails — or if your group simply isn’t the hard-rolling casino type — you can always revert to some fun kid’s games, perhaps with an adult twist. Indulge in a little bit of Go Fish to loosen everyone up and get them engaged in card-playing. It’ll warm up your new deck of cards too — you need at least seven shuffles to completely randomize them!

Of course, these casino night ideas are just for the games themselves. You can take your party an extra step further with decorations or an old-school costume theme. Just don’t forget to add in a few casino party favors at the end to give your guests incentive!

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