Native American Art Perfect for Your Next Decorating Challenge

Native american buffalo skulls

Your new home is missing something. Your biggest problem is the lack of style you have with the decorating motif. If you want to have a colorful, creative look check out Native American art. Filling your home with Native American art can give your home a style that will impress every visitor.

Totem polls are one of the most well known, intricate forms of Native American art. The meanings of the designs of the totem poles are as varied as the cultures that make them. Totem poles may recount familiar legends, clan lineages and notable events. Poles illustrate stories that commemorate historic persons or provide objects of public ridicule. The vertical order of images is widely believed to be a significant representation of importance. Some poles have significant figures on the top, others on the bottom and some in the middle. Others have no arrangement at all, consisting of a lone figure atop an undecorated column.

Native American arts and crafts are as intricate as they are colorful. Native Americans are well known for their intricate bead work that is often seen on dream catchers, purses, clothing, blankets, and other crafts. Native Americans create high quality fired pottery that has a functional use, as well as serving as artwork. Native American crafts were used to show tribal membership, record and share community history and meet daily needs like clothing and shelter. Some of the most popular crafts included beads, cornhusk dolls and moccasins. Native American weapons traditionally featured knives, shields and sling balls. These displayed the traditional art styles as they had intricate drawings of wildlife, including buffaloes and horses.

Most Native American artwork served a function. Native Americans believe in utilizing every part of an animal or crop in order to avoid wasting material, and to respect the earth around them. Native Americans often decorate animal skulls as pieces of artwork. Many of these skulls have intricate carvings, bead work, and quill work that is very pleasing to the eye. The Buffalo Skull is prominently displayed by those who collect Native American art. Skulls were placed outside of lodges, communicating information about the dwellers inside as well as protecting them.

Native American art is still collected by millions of people today. The style of Native American art, which featured intricate and colorful designs, is one of the main reasons. Do not miss out and find the right piece of Native American art for your home.

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