3 Reasons Why Dancing Is a Great Hobby To Take Up

First wedding dance lessons

Did you know that across the country, there are nearly 8,500 different institutions meant entirely to teach the art of dance? From tap to jazz to ballroom dancing to stepping, dancing is a focal part of communities all over the United States. Many dance studios offer instruction of several kinds of dance. Here’s why you should consider getting involved in dance.

Dance is a wonderful form of fitness.
A dancer’s body is toned for a reason: dance is a great form of exercise. Dance, much like running, gets the heart rate up and promotes cardiovascular health. However, dance has a few advantages that running might not. With each new number you learn, you likely start to tap into a new and different group of muscles. Running can get repetitive and can fail to challenge the body after time. However, dancing tends not to present this fitness issue. Aside from physical health, dance also promotes mental health. The Journal of Applied Gerontology says that participating in dance can reduce daily stress levels. The New England Journal of Medicine also reports that dance can improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia.

A dance studio is a great place to meet people.
All too often, bars are seen as the only places to meet new people. However, if you meet new people while indulging in an unhealthy activity, aren’t you much more likely to meet generally unhealthy people? At a dance studio, you are surrounded by others who are there to practice art, creativity and exercise. With so many people together to better themselves, you are bound to meet someone who is healthy and compatible!

Dance can be a family activity.
If you are raising a family and time is the real issue, remember that there are dance classes for kids! When you and your hubby take ballroom dancing lessons, you’ll be whisked back to your wedding dance. Meanwhile, your kiddos can learn the fundamentals of jazz, tap and ballet. Getting your family involved in dance is an investment in their creativity and physical fitness.

This is all not to say that dance is easy. Quite the opposite. Dance is a beautifully challenging activity that builds character for young and old. Check out your local dance studio today.

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