A Look At Trends In Wine Purchases In The United States

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, from those looking to buy Italian wine online to those who prefer craft beer, the United States has a wide variety of options. And no matter where you are in the country, alcohol is a popular way to enjoy a night off, or is even frequently consumed as a way to wind down from a hard day after work (or a hard day in general). In just one year, the United States generates around two hundred and twenty billion dollars in alcohol sales alone.

Of these alcoholic beverages, wine is a hugely popular one. Wine comes in many different price points and flavors and wine drinkers themselves are a diverse group. From those looking to buy Italian wine online to those who are eager for a cheap ten dollar bottle, wine drinkers are prevalent in most – if not all – places in the United States. There were nearly nine and a half million gallons of all types of wines consumed in the year of 2016 alone in this country, and total wine sales in the year of 2017 exceeded sixty two billion dollars. By the year of 2020, now less than two years from the current date, retail sales of various types of wine is projected and expected to increase by more than ten percent.

Part of this can be attributed to the fact that wine is more commonplace in American culture now than ever before. Though wine has been around dating back as far as six thousand years ago (when it was discovered in the region of the Middle East), it has recently become prevalent and produced in the United States. Though some may still be looking to buy Italian wine online, many people have been looking more and more frequently to consume domestically made wine. Much of this domestically made and produced wine originates from the state of California, where wineries are common and around ninety percent of all of the wine that is generated in the United States is made. All throughout the United States, there are more than nine thousand and six hundred wineries in total.

But no matter whether you buy Italian wine online or frequently buy wine from a winery that is local to you, it is likely that you have a preference when it comes to the wine that you like to drink. For instance, red wine is the most popular wine in all of the United States, preferred by thirty eight percent of wine drinkers. White wine is also very popular, drank regularly by thirty two percent of all wine drinkers in the United States. Fine red wine is often the perfect accompaniment to a fine dining experience, and sparkling wine is common during celebrations, as is champagne. White Italian wines are common among white wines, so many people choose to buy Italian wine online.

Wine drinking can even be beneficial to your health, as a number of recent studies have discovered. Drinking just two glasses of wine a day – what is considered to be a moderate amount – lowers a person’s chance of an early death by as much as nearly twenty percent in total. Red wine in particular has been found to have properties related to good health as well. However, it is important to note that this research surrounds the moderate consumption of wine, as consuming wine in excess is likely to have detrimental effects to your health instead.

No matter if you buy Italian wine online or get your wine from a California winery, there is no doubt about it that wine and the consumption of it has skyrocketed in popularity within the United States alone. Wine consumption is popular among all different types of people, as there is a large variety of wine, and likely to be a wine that appeals to every sensibility. Wine has rapidly become an important part of culture in the United States, and has become a fixture in many households. Having a glass or two of wine a day can even be good for you, welcome news to many ears.

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