Being Cultured 101

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Being Cultured 101
“The acquiring of culture is the development of an avid hunger for knowledge and beauty”
(Jesse Lee Bennett)

“Every man’s ability may be strengthened or increased by culture.”
(John Abbott)

Have you ever had the opportunity to discuss with someone on the beautiful paintings of world war? If yes then were you confused to answer? For becoming a best man, you need to be well versed with the ethics of your culture. No doubt, due to lack of education and affiliation with social norms most of the people do not know about the values of their culture. They are simply ignorant of their world and do not care about what the world demands it.

What is being cultured?
Maria Costadini says that “the person who has traveled the most is supposed to be more cultured”. Besides, my definition of culture is that you have to be refined in the area of the music, arts, ballet, theater, ethnic foods, Broadway musicals, literature, and art museums or exhibitions. No doubt, the person who knows what is happening across is world is also a fully cultured person.

It is said that if you wish to become a cultured man then experience opera, museums, new foods, learn about different cultures, travel, read, broaden vocabulary, and listen to different music.
Here is a list of tips that how to make yourself more cultured:

1. Watch news on daily basis
2. Know about Politics
3. Visit Museums and galleries
4. Develop deeper interest in arts and literature
5. Listen to music of different kinds
6. Taste different cuisines
7. Travel as much as you can
8.  Learn languages and improve your vocabulary
9. Read books  (Historic and cultural)
10. Watch movies
11. Use internet for cross cultural relationships and knowledge
12.  Check poetry and cultural history etc.

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