Buckle Up for the Professional World Why You Need a New Belt

Tooled leather belts

Are you in the loop about belts? For many, belts and belt buckles fulfill a very rudimentary function: preventing one’s pants from being at their ankles! But for more and more individuals belts are becoming a subtle yet powerful way for them to assert their personality and aesthetic flair in the professional working world.
And looking and feeling good at work isn’t only a personal benefit. In the professional world where first impressions matter, feeling confident in your sartorial choices and self translates to a world of success.
Take recent research compiled from job interviewers and recruiters, for example. When comparing two candidates with equal qualifications, 65% of bosses reported that they would decidedly pick the candidate who was dressed better. In addition to that, it’s all about making a first impression. In fact, over 25% of recruiters say that they know whether or not they will hire someone within the first 30 seconds of an interview.
Now that you know the power that a belt can contain, here’s how you find one. First, be sure that the belt fits right. There’s nothing okay about a belt that’s too small or a belt so big that the tail is far too long. That’s just embarrassing. When searching for a belt size, aim for one to three sizes larger than your normal pant size.
When it comes to style, leather belts and belt buckles offer a world of options. It depends on your style and price range. For example, many Western enthusiasts opt for a Western belt buckle or a custom tooled leather belt. Those who prefer more classic styles, however, may opt for an executive leather belt, instead.
Now that you’re in the loop about the powerful and subtle world of belts, which will you choose? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what you think!

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