Crazy About Balloons? Flex Your Creative Spirit With These Fun Air Filled Balloon Decorating Ideas

What’s the most noticeable decoration you remember from a birthday party? How about an office party or baby shower?

If you said ‘balloons’, you’re not the only one. The air filled latex balloon is a classic staple of American celebrations, found in just about every culture, age group, and personal preference. When you think about it, the mass appeal makes sense. They’re affordable and colorful, able to be used easily regardless of artistic skill. Buying them wholesale can also be a great way to save yourself some money in the long run if you throw parties often.

Need some ideas for those air filled balloons? Look below and learn about all the crafts you can make with a wholesale balloons supplier.

Balloons Used To Be A Scientific Creation

It’s no coincidence the iconography of the hot air balloons or the balloon filled diagrams of yore. The balloon was originally conceived as a scientific creation back in the 1800’s thanks to Professor Michael Faraday. The professor stuck two sheets of rubber together as an experiment and set the stage for the party staple we use today. You can now find balloons just about everywhere you go, including online stores. They come in foil balloon varieties, unique shapes, and plenty of fun decorations to let your imagination run wild.

Americans Are Still In Love With Birthday Parties

There’s no need to ‘outgrow’ the birthday party…it’s still as popular as ever! A recent survey found a majority 70% of participants loving celebrating their birthday, no matter the age. Balloons are one of the easiest shorthands for a celebration and add a burst of color in any space. According to a WalletHub survey, nearly 45% of people expect a Valentine’s Day gift to be at least $50 or higher. Consider supplementing your next gesture of appreciation with some sweet heart shaped balloons embellished with a special someone’s name.

Air Filled Balloons Are More Cost-Effective And Last Longer

Should you fill your balloons with helium in time for the party? You might want to think again. While helium balloons are floating delights, they only last between 12 to 20 hours at a time. Air filled balloons, on the other hand, can last for up to two weeks. Helium is also not always available depending on your budget or schedule. When in doubt, let your creativity dictate the proceedings and experiment with balloon decorations, animals, or gift wraps.

Embrace Your Eco-Friendly Side With Latex Balloons

Did you know wholesale latex balloons are also good for the environment? While you should always dispose of your balloons properly once the party’s over, the actual material has a hidden secret. Rubber trees grow in rain forests, meaning latex harvesting discourages deforestation. Latex producing trees are not just left in-tact, but a tree that produces latex can do so for 40 years. Now that’s a good example of organic ROI!

Try Silver Metalized Balloons Or Heart Shaped Balloons In 2020

Still wondering how you can shake up the traditional birthday party? Foil balloons are a shiny and appealing addition to anyone’s party roster. Silver metalized balloons were originally invented for the New York City Ballet back in the 1970’s. They’ve since become a rather popular choice for children’s birthday parties, no doubt helped by their stiff material and ability to take stickers or drawings easily. Mix up your wholesale latex balloons and see what sort of combinations you can come up with in time for the special day.

Air filled balloons are just as varied as we are. What sort of ideas are you going to come up with in 2020?

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