Do You Want Happier, Healthier Employees? Talk To An Art Consultant About Enriched Spaces

Art is how we take control of our surroundings. Fill them with our personality and bring out the best the environment has to offer.

You can find art for senior care homes cultivating a sense of homeliness among its new residents. You can see art consultation for hotels creating an inviting atmosphere for all who walk through the front doors. Artwork for the hospitality industry, at its most basic, is an emotional center to keep your business in the hearts and minds of your clients. Considering how to use art to your advantage means reaching out to art design consultants with a skilled eye. They’ll transform your building from the inside out with color, plants, and the healing power of art.

What are the benefits of art in the workplace? What questions should you ask a fine art consultant for art for senior care homes? Answer your questions with the simple list below.

The Health Benefits Of Art Are Found Everywhere

Every time you walk into a space you can find a painting or a framed photograph brightening up the place. Art is a signature feature of humanity and something that shouldn’t be abandoned in the name of business. Art is proven to improve productivity among workers, offering them a more pleasant space to work in and soothing stress. You can find art for senior care homes injecting new life into a place that can seem unwelcoming to newcomers. One way or another, art is how we connect to our innermost selves…and connect to each other.

Art In The Workplace Boosts Productivity And Happiness

A wise place to start considering the health benefits of art is in the workplace. Art in the workplace is proven to address key challenges among today’s hardworking employees, such as reducing stress and increasing creativity. A recent study asked workers how they felt about art in the workplace — over 90% of respondents believe art makes their workplace more welcoming, while 60% agree it stimulates creativity. A fine art consultant can make sure you choose art that’s both appropriate and strategically placed. Just like you wouldn’t want to work in a featureless box, so too do your workers enjoy a little color in their nine to five.

Healthcare Art Consulting Helps Your Patients Heal

Healthcare art consulting is a well-known niche. Hospitals and clinics are stressful locations by nature, making just a few paintings go a long way. The Cleveland Clinic studied this phenomenon recently — they found that more than 60% of patients reported a reduction in stress from the hospital’s contemporary art collection, which included nature images, public sculptures, and abstract art. A 2011 University Of London study also found blood flow increased 10% to the ‘joy response’ part of the brain when viewing art. What could artwork for healthcare facilities do to make your patients feel more relaxed?

Plants Are A Positive Addition To Paintings And Sculpture

It’s not just artwork that can liven up the place. Plants are a healthy addition anyone can appreciate. One recent study found that people working in enriched spaces were up to 15% more productive than those in ‘lean’ (or minimalist) spaces. Additional research by Exeter University’s School Of Psychology found that employees who have control over the design and layout of their workspaces are not just healthier, they’re happier. Obtaining all these benefits is as simple as talking to a corporate art consultant.

Art Strategy Partners Will Bring Out Your Business’s Potential

A professional eye can help you gain the benefits of art almost immediately. An art consultant is familiar not just with many different types of art, but important elements like placement, theme, and style. A common rule of thumb for budgeting your turn-key art services is 2% of your construction budget, which is considered a very small percentage of the cost when measured against the overall contribution. Ask them questions about popular types of art for senior care homes or how plants can pair with paintings. The possibilities for growth are endless.

Enrich your spaces. Enrich your mind. Set up an appointment with corporate art consulting this week.

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