No Office Space Should Be Sparse Improving Your Employees’ Health With Enriched Artistic Spaces

The power of photography, paintings, and interior design is all around us.

An unfurnished room will leave you feeling uncomfortable, even irritable. The wrong decor — such as a couch at an odd angle — can cause you to itch with impatience. We’re affected in many large and subtle ways by the artistic flourishes in our lives. As a businessowner, you’re always thinking of ways to improve your work. Art for senior care homes is one way of bringing out the best in your investment.

Photography boosts productivity. Hospitality wall art makes patients feel more comfortable. One way or another, art leaves an impact on us that is never soon forgotten.

Should your office, hotel, or assisted living facility be feeling a little dull, an artistic touch-up will go a long way. The healing power of art is a phenomenon that has been studied for many centuries now, spanning the globe in fields of study and personal interest. Recent psychological studies have dove even further into why we react so strongly to our surroundings. Enjoying the benefits of art for seniors or hospitals means getting in touch with an art consultant that looks beyond the surface. They could just have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Your employees might not be feeling so productive. While several factors can be to blame, a lackluster environment definitely doesn’t help. Art in the workplace is a key element in ‘enriching’ the space, soothing frayed nerves and providing individuals with a sense of identity. One study found employees with enriched spaces (from art to plants) were 17% more productive. Over 75% stated it went a long way to reduce stress, while another 65% said beautiful decoration boosted their creativity.

It’s not just office environments that benefit from a little extra photography. Hotel art is a massive niche that uses art to invite visitors to linger. One study asked participants to self-report their stress levels before and after visiting a gallery. Upon exiting after a mere 35 minutes several reported feeling much less stressed. It’s easy to imagine the impact this can leave on weary travelers struggling with jet lag and the unease of being in an unfamiliar environment.

Perhaps you work at an assisted living facility and want to make sure your residents feel at ease. Healthcare art consulting firms will provide you with the resources and expertise to keep stress levels low. Art and Health Alliance completed a survey of 130 veterans medical centers back in 2013, with more than half offering arts programming at their patients’ bedsides. Another 40% dedicate time to rotating art exhibitions and commissioned paintings. The benefits of art in assisted living facilities extends to resident and worker alike, bringing everyone to the same page at a glance.

Choosing art for the workspace should start with talking to art strategy partners. They provide you expertise on style, placement, and subject matter to ensure your choices go as far as possible. It’s common for businesses and institutions to budget their turn-key art services at 1% to 3% of the construction budget. While this can seem like a lot, the long-term health benefits of quality artwork more than pays for itself. What could your building look like with a lovely photography spread in the main lobby?

Find out with hotel artwork suppliers and photography specialists. Your work’s true potential is just waiting to be unearthed.

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