Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Oahu’s Dole Plantation

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If you’re visiting Oahu on vacation, there are many different types of tours you can choose from as you experience Hawaii’s most populous island. But when it comes to educational discovery tours, it’s hard to beat Dole Plantation Tours.

The Dole Plantation is the historical site where pineapples became one of Hawaii’s most important exports. Dole plantation tours teach visitors and locals about Hawaii’s rich agricultural history using several interactive, engaging and memorable guided tours and activities.

One Dole Plantation tour takes visitors through several gardens featuring Hawaii’s many natural resources, like cacao, coffee beans and other important plants. Visitors can choose to go through the gardens with guides or group tours or explore them at their own pace.

Visitors can also ride across the working plantation on the Pineapple Express, viewing the plantation’s fields and gardens (often in varying stages of growth) while listening to an engaging narration on the origins and history of Dole. Pineapple Express passengers also get to witness a unique view of Oahu’s famous north shore. Both trains are working replicas of historical trains.

The Dole Plantation is also home to the Pineapple Garden Maze, the largest garden maze in the world: it stretches across three acres with two and a half miles of paths and features over 14,000 plants. Visitors can explore the maze at their leisure or go for a speed run. The fastest finishers are given a prize and their name on the sign at the entrance to the maze.

After a long day of exploring, visitors can unwind at the Plantation Grille, enjoying flavors both local and international.

There are several ways to purchase tours in the Dole Plantation. They may come as part of a tour package, or you could look into group rates if you’re going with several other people. Tailor your Dole Plantation adventure to suit your needs and you’re sure to have an adventure you’ll never forget.

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