5 Tips to Help You Get the Wedding Photos You’ve Been Dreaming Of

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Your wedding day goes by in such a rush that 50 years from now, you’ll probably remember only a few important moments: the moment you saw your spouse-to-be down the aisle, the first kiss, shoving cake in one another’s faces. Wedding photos used to be seen as formal portraits, but they’re increasingly being used to document those important moments — and fill in the ones that you may have missed in all the hustle and bustle.

Here are a few wedding photo tips that can help you make sure you get exactly what you want:

  1. Don’t Cheap Out

    When you’re budgeting for a wedding, remember that you’ll be seeing the day through your chosen photographer’s lens for years to come. That doesn’t mean you should have to pay through the nose, but it may mean cutting back elsewhere and dedicating a little more to your photography.

  2. Built a Rapport

    Make sure you’re comfortable with your photographer and understand how to take direction from him or her. This is one of the major reasons that couples do engagement shoots. The more time you spend in front of the camera and the more comfortable you are around your photographer, the better your photos will be.

  3. Screen Test Your Make Up

    There are oodles of wedding make up tips available, but most forget a simple and easy step: Before you step out of the dressing room for the ceremony, ask the photographer to snap a simple shot of you and show it to you on the screen (since almost all wedding photographers have gone digital, this should be easy). Make sure you like how your makeup is showing up on camera.

  4. Keep Your Tone Consistent

    There are a lot of fun wedding poses you can find by browsing wedding photography sites or social media. Just try to be self-aware when you’re picking poses, and match them to the tone you’re looking for. For example, don’t pick kitschy poses and a really glamorous photography style.

  5. Think About the Future

    You should have fun with your wedding party poses, but don’t get so carried away that you forget to take a few more traditional shots as well. You might be surprised how many newly married couples are searching through their wedding pictures for a simple shot to send to family friends or grandparents and find that they’ve neglected to get one.

Do you have any other wedding photo tips to share? Join the discussion in the comments!

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