Finding Some Fine Wine

Wine stands as one of the world’s favorite beverages, alongside beer, tea, coffee, and plain water. This beverage dates back to the days of ancient Greece and Rome, and is based on vinum, the Latin word for this drink. Wine continued to be massively popular through the Middle Ages, and often served as a refreshment for monks and scribes who were hard at work copying the Bible by hand. By the 19th, 20th, and now 21st centuries, wine became a mainstay drink around the world, although its traditional home of France and Italy remain the most prominent sites for wine production. Some of the most rare wine flavors and brands come from France and Italy’s wine cellars, but not all customers are actually interested in rare wines at auctions. Rather than pursue rare wines as novelty, most wine drinkers today simply want a tasty and affordable drink for a party or a classy meal, from the United States to Europe and beyond. What is more, the American State of California has emerged as the newest major wine producer, joining Italy and France as a sort of “Big Three.” California doesn’t produce time-honored rare wine labels like France and Italy, but it does create 90% of all American wine and these drinks prove quite popular. A person may get sparkling wine online or French wine online, too, and anything else they can ask for.

Wine Drinkers Today

Who is drinking these white wines and red wines? Plenty of people, in fact, and wine is proving more popular than ever, even in the United States. As of now, total alcoholic beverage sales in the USA is $219.52 billion, and a lot of that is wine and beer. In fact, in 2016 alone, some 949 million gallons of wine were consumed in the United States, and this figure may grow in the coming years. Experts have predicted that American wine retail sales may grow by 11% by the year 2020, and young adults in particular enjoy this drink. A person may imagine only classy elderly citizens sipping wine, but in fact, Millennial drinkers buy and consume more wine than their Baby Boomer parents or the Generation X drinkers in between them. The wine industry may pay close attention to the interests and preferences of these Millennial buyers, and follow trends to keep the market suitable for them as well as older drinkers. In particular, wine is most popular among American women, who typically name wine as their favorite alcoholic drink over beer. Around 46% of women have this preference, and one of their favorite times to drink wine is during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Buy the Wine

Young or old, man or woman, wine drinkers have plenty of options for where and how to find their next bottle of fine wine. Sometimes, a person may want to visit a local vineyard and winery, and wineries can be found in nearly all American states, especially California. At a winery, a person may not only enjoy a tour of the premises but also visit the shop. A winery’s shop will feature many bottles of the wines produced there, not to mention accessories like wine totes, wine sleeves, corkscrews, and other memorabilia. And better yet, even if a person does not have a local winery to access, they have other options, too. A grocery store’s liquor section is bound to have wine, and customers may also look online.

Plenty of wine brands may be found with an online search, and a customer may search based on the price, color, brand, or any other factor of the wine that they want to buy. Once the customer finds what they want, they may order it. If the wine is shipped directly to the home, someone must be present to sign off on it, partly because this is an alcoholic beverage. In other cases, though, the wine will be delivered to a warehouse and put in a cooling unit along with other wines and perishable items. Wine may spoil in a truck’s hot cargo bed, so it’s kept chilled at the warehouse and the customer may be notified. They may then visit and pick up their wine at the warehouse and take these products home with them.

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