Four Reasons Why Elvis Presley is Still as Popular as Ever

Elvis live hawaii

Nearly 40 years after his passing, Elvis Presley remains as relevant as he ever was in the world of music. His influence can be seen pretty much everywhere you look among today’s musicians, from his provocative dance moves to the sensationalized, crazed fan bases.

In fact, the popularity that the “King of Rock n’ Roll” maintains to this day may surprise you.

For proof of Elvis Presley’s enduring popularity in the 21st century, check out these four mind-blowing facts:

1. Elvis is still one of music’s biggest moneymakers: In 2012 alone, Elvis’ estate brought in an astonishing $55 million. The same year, he came in second, only bested by Michael Jackson, on Forbes magazine’s annual list of the top-earning dead musicians. Much of his earnings today come from album sales and from the millions of visitors who tour his home at Graceland each year.

2. Millions of people still listen to his music: Each year, countless fans around the world attend authentic Elvis shows inspired by the King of Rock n’ Roll himself. And to this day, he has sold more than a billion albums, making him the top-selling artist of all time after The Beatles.

3. The “Elvis live performance” experience remains influential: From his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in the mid-1950s to his history-making live performance in Hawaii, titled “Elvis Aloha From Hawaii,” many musicians today take influence from his groundbreaking, energetic way of performing. “Aloha From Hawaii” was also the first-ever live concert broadcast worldwide via satellite.

4. Elvis is a fashion icon: Even if you’ve never heard any of Elvis Presley’s songs, you have undoubtedly seen some of his most famous looks that span his career. The slicked-back hair and sideburns combination is his trademark, and the white jumpsuit he wore for his “Aloha From Hawaii” performance is now inseparable from Elvis and his career.

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