Fresh Reality TV Ideas Following Workers In These Fields Could Create the Best Binge Worthy TV Shows of All Time

Some of the best binge worthy TV shows of all time are centered on real-life workers. These shows allow people an in-depth look into the daily responsibilities of workers in fascinating fields, as well as the aspects of the work which no one considers when they think about what it must be like for professionals in these specific industries. While jobs like being a nanny and being a boss have already been explored on reality television, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have more variety when it comes to other fields? Here are a couple more ideas about the best binge worthy TV shows of all time that could be made about other professions.

Professional Divers

When you think of people who swim with sharks, often it doesn’t occur that they could be doing so for pay. Extreme sports entertainment has focused on daredevils who swim through shark-infested waters, but when will the focus turn to people who endure these harsh conditions to put food on the table? Beyond contributing greatly to research surrounding climate issues and environmental concerns, professional divers also unearth fascinating details about the history of humanity with the treasures they find beneath the surface. And this is only one application of professional diving work.

Think about divers who help industrial work and construction continue above the ocean’s surface or those who dive to collect pearls and everything people love from the water and its creatures. These experts do everything from maintaining giant aquariums to taking breathtaking photos of deep-sea animals. Because of the interesting applications of diving in the world of work, it is possible that one of the best binge worthy TV shows of all time could be a show about professional divers.

Well Drilling

At first glance, well drillers might not have the most interesting job in the world. However, the best Western films involve the Gold Rush in some way. Some of the best binge worthy TV shows of all time have focused on this determined and coordinated pursuit to strike it rich in the Wild West. And those brave frontiersmen are the figurative ancestors of today’s well drillers. Today’s frontiers may not function as liberally as those of the past, but they are just as lucrative, challenging, and engaging as the ones people were navigating 100 years ago.

Well drillers work to harvest natural resources from the ground. From petroleum to water and even natural gas, this work has real-world benefits that are relevant to everyday living. Once these workers have their reality show, it would give a never-before-seen glance into the process of getting gas into your home. Especially with the environmental impact of this work, such a show would have its viewers on the edge of their seats. It would also inspire compelling and engaging conversation throughout the world.


This is one show that many people would be able to relate to. The best binge worthy TV shows of all time feature real people in real situations. And what could be more real than an apartment rental company? While luxury property shows currently dominate the reality entertainment space, there exists a gap for people looking to enjoy shows that center on people just looking to get the best deal on a rental space or apartment. There’s nothing wrong with having an ideal of million-dollar properties off the shores of white, sandy tropical beaches, but these ideals are only available to a fraction of the population.

A reality TV show for the people by the people would look candidly at the challenges experienced by people on either side of the landlord-renter divide. This show would give further insight into the property market and it could also offer valuable tips on getting a great rental space within your budget. While TV currently centers on stories about the rich and famous, now it needs to start telling stories about ordinary people who pay rent every month.

Small-scale Artists

Every year, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and all other media focus on the work of famous artists. With good reason, these artists gain even more of a following from these special spotlight moments. But what about artists who work in small towns or artists whose practices will never grow into the thousands? Many great artists in history have died without ever attaining the fame they desired. Only after their death, do people begin to appreciate their art and share it with others. They rally artwork reproduction services and create prints from paintings that never saw the light of day while their painters were living. The best binge worthy TV shows of all time remember these kinds of artists fondly.

But, TV today can be done better and better serve small-scale artists. A reality show that focused on these people would call much-needed attention to their plight. Especially in the age of social media, it could take only one spotlight to help an artist achieve a lifelong dream or set up an art studio they wouldn’t have to worry about. This kind of show would also showcase a much greater variety of art at a time when everything on television seems to look the same.

Medical Waste Workers

When you go to the hospital, you probably aren’t interested in knowing where all the waste you created there goes. Most people would cringe if this subject came up in conversation. However, some of the best binge worthy TV shows of all time center on medical situations and hospital scenarios. People love the drama surrounding medicine, health, and healthcare workers. Medical waste workers fill one of the most vital functions within this system. And as such, they should have a reality show dedicated to them and the important work they do every day.

Biohazard waste management doesn’t have to be gross. It can be a fascinating area of information. Whether one is collecting sharps from a tattoo shop or ensuring that blood samples from a cancer clinic are correctly disposed of, these workers interact with the world in intriguing ways. And their work provides a strong foundation for the health of the general population.

Online Firearm Dealers

The use of firearms can be a contentious subject. And even worse, many people do not believe firearms ought to be sold online. But, everyone knows that, in the world of entertainment, controversy is like a siren call. Everyone gathers around its source. The best binge worthy TV shows of all time deal with some of the trickiest problems and moral issues of this age. The sale of potentially dangerous items through online mediums is a practice that will only grow in the years to come. Having eyes on this industry would not only protect the public but also the people who participate in the business.

Gun grip sellers and many other workers involved with the sale of firearms may not feel as protected in the world. It could give these people an added sense of confidence and purpose if their plight became more widely known in the public sphere. Without encouraging violence or reckless behavior, a reality show that focuses on online firearm dealers could be informative. It could also encourage people to engage more mindfully, whether or not they purchase firearms online.

Concrete Construction Workers

Often, an episode of a mystery murder series will begin with the pouring of concrete. This material is constantly used as a plot device in the best binge worthy TV shows of all time, moving the story forward. But, in real life, people find nothing more boring than watching people working with concrete. For these people, the real fun starts once the concrete is dry and ready for people to walk on it. Sure, it may not be your cup of tea, but because of the vast number of applications for concrete work, the right personality could bring a reality show to life.

Concrete companies rely on concrete contractors to buy their products and masterfully work with these products. With the variety of uses for this unique material, it is not difficult to see how a reality show focused on workers in this field could be relevant to homeowners, people who enjoy DIY projects, other contractors, and workers in the construction field. This kind of reality show would also allow people to have access to a better understanding of construction processes and the science behind concrete.

Truck Drivers

Without these workers, industries across the country and the world would grind to a halt. These workers may not seem vital, but their work happens in the background. This is an excellent reason for this work to be brought to the forefront so that people can begin to understand the importance of truck drivers. The best binge worthy TV shows of all time function to shed light on overlooked ways of life. And this kind of show would enhance public understanding of the truck driver’s role.

One truck driver may work in a moving company, while another works as a hazmat driver, handling cargo that contains hazardous materials. Some truck drivers handle construction equipment and others are focused on getting products through the final mile to their shipping destination. One can only imagine how many different truck drivers could be featured on a reality show. There would be no shortage of episodes, content, or personal talent for this TV show and it would probably run for multiple seasons as well.

Construction Workers

There have been reality shows which focused on makeover processes for buildings. However, these shows tend to put celebrities and stylists front and center. But, imagine a show that put the blue-collar workers at the front. The best binge worthy TV shows of all time have focused on people who get the job done, receiving awards and accolades for their productions. Some of the best narratives can be told from the perspective of people who do dirty work. Their insight and expertise, both with people and their work, allow them to become better storytellers and far more relatable to viewers.

Everyone, from sewer contractors to the people working on the actual brick-and-mortar, has a valuable story to tell. Reality shows can tap into this market by allowing the raw nature of the work to lure people in. Especially for people who have been working in the construction industry for a while, the wealth of knowledge that could be shared is immeasurable. A show which focuses on construction workers would be as real as it gets on television.

Funeral Home Workers

Death is a subject most people try to avoid. But, eventually, everyone needs support through the times when they experience it around them. Even people in hospice need someone to hold their hand through the dark moments, letting them know all will be well in the end. The best binge worthy TV shows of all time talk openly about death and its impact on people. But, in the less sober aspects of working with death, people don’t know what to expect or think of funeral home workers.

Think of the people who handle cremation services and what their life experiences must be like. Embalmers could have many stories to tell, and so could coroners. These funeral home workers could offer valuable tips on navigating this tricky season of life, also.


Every industry deserves a reality TV show. Getting to understand the work of people in a variety of fields allows viewers to become more empathetic toward the workers they encounter. Even beyond an increase in empathy, the entertainment value of watching people in their element at work is high. As you think of what show to binge on next, maybe your next reality TV show will be about workers from one of the industries mentioned above. Following the experience of these workers could create the best binge worthy TV shows of all time.

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