Heres One of the Best Books for Cancer Survivors

One of the best forms of support for cancer survivors is reading accounts from other people in the same situation. Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss: 30 Powerful Stories by Ali Rogin is one of the best books for cancer survivors to read.

Breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer for American women, with an estimated 42 thousand deaths and 275 thousand new cases each year. Because breast cancer is so devastating, it’s important for people who have been diagnosed with it to have sources they can turn to for guidance and solidarity.

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Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss is an excellent resource for people seeking advice on battling and living with this type of cancer.

In this book, Ali Rogin and 29 other women share their stories about their experiences with breast cancer. Rogin felt compelled to create a compilation of stories like these because she wished she had such a resource when she herself was diagnosed with cancer. A few years after Rogin’s diagnosis, Angelina Jolie spoke publicly about her own struggle with cancer, and Rogin found a strong sense of solidarity from this. This inspired her to create that same sense of solidarity for other people with breast cancer.

Whether you have breast cancer yourself or know someone else who has it, Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss is an excellent book to read. Consider picking it up today.


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