Grow Your Party Planning Business with Photo Booth Rentals

When is the last time you got your picture taken inside a photo booth? Have you ever considered owning a photo booth? With the assortment of photo booth backdrops and accessories, photo booths have rapidly increased in popularity in recent years, largely due to the growing popularity of certain social media platforms, especially Instagram. Instagram is a platform where users share photos. In a given year, it’s estimated that 22 billion photos are shared on Instagram alone, and another 730 billion are shared on Facebook. That’s a lot of pictures being taken, and in order to capture share-worthy pictures, more and more people are turning to photo booths.

Photo booths are especially popular for special events, and are often rented by party hosts as a way to help keep their guests entertained. From weddings and birthday parties to corporate events and school fundraisers, photo booths add an element of fun to any event.

Photos themselves have been around for awhile, and advances in camera technology is continuously evolving. While the first photo booth was invented back in 1925 by Anatol Joseph, digital photography wasn’t widely used until 1988 when the first ever digital photograph was taken. Since then, photo booths have undergone dramatic changes, especially in regards to photo booth backdrops. Technology for photo booth backdrops often allows users to choose scenes to be photographed against. Do you feel like having your picture taken in a forest, in space, or traveling along the Great Wall of China? If the right settings are implemented into a photo booth, you can make yourself look like you’re in a variety of different environments and famous places. The result is a fun source of entertainment for people, and a worthy investment for retailers or anyone looking to rent photo booths to customers.

As previously mentioned, photo booths are growing in popularity. With social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the quest for perfect, share-worthy photos is greater than ever before. This, combined with the fun factor that photo booths bring to any event, are worthwhile reasons to consider investing in photo booths or renting them out to customers. Why not buy a photo booth? When you own one, you can enjoy it yourself or rent in out more easily. Why not start your own photo booth business? Depending on the cost of portable photo booth equipment and accessories, it may be easier than you think to start your own business and profit from the growing popularity of photo booths.

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