Why Do Americans Prefer Autumn Over Other Seasons?

For bloggers, autumn is a great time to add fun content to their websites for readers. From colorful fall weddings and pumpkin picking to apple orchards and homemade donuts and apple pies, there really are few things in the world that can compete with the autumn season. According to recent studies, fall is actually a favorite among many Americans across the country, also. In fact, according to some polls, an estimated 29% of people prefer autumn over any other season. And rightly so. There are so many different activities that many people look forward to during the fall months.

For starters, apple picking. Did you know there are about 2,500 different apple varieties grown in the U.S. each year? If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area ripe for apple picking, you know how much fun it is to head out to an orchard and fill up a back to take home. In many parts of the country, apple picking is an almost ritualistic activity marking the beginning of fall. In fact, many orchards even put on a big show during the season by not only offering apple picking, but pumpkin picking, hayrides, corn mazes, homemade donuts, pies, cider, and more.

In addition to visiting apple orchards, many people enjoy venturing out to pumpkin patches as soon as fall hits. After all, how else are you supposed to carve pumpkins for your porch or patio? Fortunately, farmers have been growing pumpkins in the United States for 5,000 years, so chances are you’re likely to find just the right kind of pumpkin you’re looking for.

As if fall wasn’t already a great season with apple orchards and pumpkin patches, many people prefer scheduling their weddings for the autumn months. Not only is autumn a beautiful and colorful season with changing leaves, but the mild weather makes it an ideal time for outdoor weddings. Additionally, with an abundance of colorful outdoor backdrops, capturing beautiful wedding pictures during the fall is a photographer’s dream and easy to accomplish.

With so many activities the autumn months have to offer, it’s no wonder why the season is a favorite among many Americans. In many parts of the country, autumn weather is still mild enough to enjoy the outdoors, and with family friendly activities like apple and pumpkin picking and weddings, there’s plenty of fun to go around for everyone.

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