How To Afford Tickets To A Broadway Show

Where can i buy broadway tickets

Live theater provides a wonderful escape from the world, a show rich with color and well acted, filled with story and often song. But theater tickets are not always cheap, even for off Broadway musicals. On Broadway, prices are even higher. It’s important for regular theater goers to know where to buy discount Broadway tickets and keep their eyes out for deals like Broadway tickets buy one get one free. Knowing how to save money and where to get tickets for Broadway shows where you CAN get deals like Broadway tickets buy one get one free can help you to enjoy as many productions as possible.

If you buy Broadway tickets buy one get one free, you will almost definitely be able to find someone to use that extra ticket. A study done in the spring of 2016 showed that almost 50 million people in the United States go to a live theater production every month. During 2015 and 2016, Broadway alone grossed almost $1.5 billion in the United States.

But what is Broadway? Many of us only know it in the vaguest sense, only understanding how it corresponds to quality theater, that being “on Broadway” means something important and positive both for actors and productions as a whole. Broadway, as most of us also know, is located in New York. Forty total theaters make up what is considered Broadway and each theater is required to have at least 500 seats. Broadway theaters have housed many a long running, successful, commercially as well as critically acclaimed show. The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running at over 9,000 performances, but The Lion King was the first Broadway show to gross $1 billion. Hamilton, a recent popular musical on Broadway, has been nominated for 16 Tony awards and has won 11. Hamilton also over $3 million in eight performance weeks alone, breaking box office records.

No matter what show you choose to see, it’s important to see if you can get a get deal on tickets, such as Broadway tickets buy one get one free or finding a website selling discounted tickets. Broadway shows are often a hugely positive experience, and everyone should get the chance to see one at least once. Broadway can inspire, it can provide relaxation, and it can excite.

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