How to Get the Right Staff For Your Event

If you have a major event coming up, you know that the people you choose to staff it are the single most important part of your event and its success. Here’s what to consider as you’re looking at event staffing companies and hiring the right team for your event.

Consider Your Brand and Security

Whenever you talk to event staffing companies, one of the most important questions you can ask is how much security they can offer. Your brand, your event, and the security of your company, your clients, your employees, and even your guests are at stake. Here’s what to ask:

  1. Can you check social media? You want to make sure no promo models or brand ambassadors have something online that could come back to bite you.
  2. Are all credentials valid? Good event staffing companies will have verified all photos, IDs, and credentials on a regular basis.
  3. Are all laws being followed? Ask event staffing companies if they have verified the W-2s of everyone involved and that there’s no chance you’ll become liable in some way.
  4. Have all background checks been done? It’s important that everyone who might man your special event be thoroughly trustworthy. Make sure background checks have been thorough.

Think About Timing

The worst thing you can do is put off staffing your event until the last minute. The earlier you look, the more likely you’ll have plenty of choice. Your options will be open. Looking early also means you have plenty of time to train up everyone so your event goes off as smoothly as possible.

Think About Qualifications

Another advantage of contacting event staffing companies early is the chance to nail down exactly what you need and make sure that’s what you’re getting. Some of the important considerations should include:

  1. Knowledge What kind of technical skills do you need? Do you need people with specific expertise or certification? Make sure you know what to ask for.
  2. Appearance What look do you want promoting your brand? Do you value a polished look? A casual one? An edgy, young appearance? Maturity and sophistication? If you know what you want and have some time to think about it, you can be assured of getting the personnel you need.
  3. Reliability There should be no conflicts on the big day or week. You want people who always show up and always give their all when they do. Demand the highest reliability when you talk to event staffing companies.
  4. Physicality Do you need people with a certain amount of strength? Do you need people who can stand up all day long or lift things for hours at a time? Make sure you think about what need so you can get the right people booked for your event.

Some businesses make the mistake of going through classified ads or word of mouth to get event staff. Event staffing agencies have the pool of workers, the ability to do background checks, and the expertise to help you pull off the perfect event.

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