5 Prop Design Tips For Your Indie Film

When you’re trying to make a film on a small or micro budget, it doesn’t take too long to realize how fast the budget goes. Here are some tips regarding film props that will hopefully come in handy for your next shoot!

1. Find the Right Fake Money!

If you need prop money for movies, make sure you’re using fake money that looks real. Too many times have filmgoers been subjected to cheap and obviously fake money. If you’re filming a scene with a large amount of cash, or burning any amount of money, as it’s illegal to do so with real money, you’ll need fake money that looks real if you want to convince your audience. Also be careful not to accidentally try to spend any of the fake money that looks real, otherwise you could face some serious jail time and fines.

2. Use What You Already Have!

In order to avoid over inflating your budget, try to use what you have at your disposal in your film. Need an old camera? See what you, your family or friends have lying around. Same things applies for most everyday items! No need to spend money when you can take what you already have. Keep this in mind to potentially replace expensive items in your script with cheaper ones, or ones you might already have access to.

3. Less is More!

Similar to our previous tip, this one is a fantastic cost-cutting measure. If you are including a prop that’s gonna set you back in your budget at all, consider whether or not it adds anything to your film. If it’s not necessary, toss it. Move on. Your movie will be all the better for it.

4. Need Something Very Specific? Look Into 3D Printing

As 3D printing continues to advance, it’s becoming less and less expensive. In fact, if you need a prop that needs to look expensive, you might be able to replicate it via 3D printing, having it made, solely designed for film, and have it shipped to you. That can save you some major costs on potentially expensive props.

5. Stay Organized!

One of the most important aspects of prop design and management is making sure you have everything you need. That requires some serious organization. A lot of background props can fly under the radar, and you may not even realize you need one until it’s too late. If you stay organized and ahead of schedule, you will avoid running into prop problems later on!

Well, those are our tips! Do you have any other tips or suggestions concerning props you’d like to share? Or tell us some set stories involving props! Either way, leave us a line down below in the comments, and have an excellent day.

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