Looking For A Fun Night Out and Group Exercise? The Escape Room Is Calling

Crawling across all 50 states there is a new outing that seems to have stolen the hearts of all ages. Escape rooms have quickly become the mind teaser that will keep an entire group entertained just as bowling or arcades do but with the added mental skills that make the mind work overtime. If you have a group of friends who are looking to have a good time and really train your brain to work at something new than an escape room might be just the right fit for your next group outing.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a brain teaser in which a small group of people is locked within a single room and given the tasks in order to find the key and exit the room. With certain riddles and brain twisters that will make your entire group work overtime to get out of the room that you’ve been locked in.

What is the Appeal?

Not entirely sure what makes these locked rooms a great project for all? Well you see they are great exercise builders that will allow you to build brain muscle and test your knowledge of a plethora of different areas in order to get out of the locked room. If you and your friends don’t work together it is highly unlikely that you’ll find the right way out of the room on your own.

It is a project that everyone can get involved with and contribute to, while working that brain overtime you also find yourself making memories and inside jokes with friends that will last a lifetime. Escape room for groups of people who are looking to have a good time and really put their brain to the test are a great way to break that ice on a first date or even to really see how well you know those friends or coworkers you’ve known forever.

How Long Do They Last?

Escape rooms depend on whom is behind them. A group can make it out of one in a matter of moments while another struggles to find their way out for as long as the venue will allow them to stay locked inside and try to find their way out. Some places even offer hints when the groups are too stuck within their games.

If you’re wondering how to beat escape rooms that simply depends on who’s in the room and who knows the most. There are many different rooms that come along with escape rooms and it all depends on what the people inside of the room know and what they can figure out on their own. Everyone’s experience will be different depending on those in their group or party.

A fun escape room can be the great addition to a night out or a rainy vacation day that leaves you wondering what you can explore indoors. Look for your local escape room and get to testing out that brain knowledge. You might surprise yourself with what you know and how fast you are able to get out of the locked room, or you could be one of those people who ends up lost for an extensive amount of time.

Round up your smartest friends and get to making those memories that you’ve been hoping to, or get to know those coworkers you’ve never gotten the chance too. You’ll have a great time and you’ll even test your brain power.

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