Renting Fine Linen and Large Tents for a Wedding

A wedding is no small affair. Setting up even the smallest wedding involves a lot of planning, preparation, coordination, and budget management for the bride and groom, their families, and the wedding planner (if one was hired). Many different services and items must be arranged ahead of time before the big day, for both the ceremony and the reception. Two particular areas of interest include the linen for the tables and a large party tent for an outdoor wedding. Naturally, wedding linen rental is necessary for covering tables for the reception lunch or dinner, and party tent rentals are a fine idea for an outdoor wedding. Many brides and grooms opt to have their wedding outdoors, and this often means that a large tent will be rented to seat everyone during the meal. Tent rental is something to undertake carefully, and the same is true for wedding linen rental. What is there to know about wedding linen rental and tent rental today?

Wedding Linen Rental

Whether a wedding is taking place indoors or outdoors, the tables need to have the proper covers, or linens, on them. Bare tables may be unsightly, and wedding linen rental is common among brides and grooms today. Wedding linen rental involves first getting some hard numbers. Once the guest list is finalized, and all necessary tables and chairs are rented and arranged, the total square footage of the tables can be calculated. Each table’s size and shape can be measured and accounted for, especially if some tables are different than others. Once all of these measurements have been completed, the bride and groom can visit wedding linen rental companies to get the material that they need. The total amount of linen rented, and the shape and size of each piece, will reflect the tables themselves.

On top of that, wedding linen rental means choosing from different colors and materials for wedding linens. Different linens may vary in their color, such as lavender or white, and they may be made of various cloths. The formality of the wedding, as well as the bride and groom’s personal preferences, will dictate what sort of material they get. Some linens may have lace, or others may be made of silk or cotton. A good linen rental company will have a number of options that the bride and groom can choose from.

Tent Rental

This is an area of interest for those brides and grooms planning an outdoor wedding and reception. Nearly 35% of brides and grooms choose to have outdoor weddings, and these venues may be popular during spring, early summer, and early autumn for the best weather. Often, guests will want a roof over their heads of some sort, and this is where party tents come in. They are not to be confused with camping tents; these are very large tents meant to put a roof over many people at once, and are most often rented rather than purchased. These tents are popular not only for wedding meals, but also for other outdoor functions such as corporate meetings and events. Tent rental involves more than choosing a tent and making the reservation; the tent’s size and fabric are critical.

As with table linens, the guest list determines how many tables of what size are needed, and that in turn impacts the tent rental. Once the guest list is finalized, and the correct tables are all acquired and arranged, this reveals how much square footage is needed. Naturally, tables must be arranged so that there is plenty of room to walk between them, and enough room for guests to slide their chairs in and out. The total square footage, once determined, can narrow down the selection of tent models necessary for the wedding. In addition, the bride and groom should make sure that a tent is in good shape. This means looking it over in person for any rips, tears, dirtiness, or any other issues with the tent’s fabric or poles. If the tent has the proper square footage and is in good shape, rental can then be done. Some tents provide not only a roof, but also fabric walls and even windows made from clear plastic if so desired.

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