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Robots have always been an icon of future tech. Popular media illustrates the robot as almost on par with human intelligence, and the ever-growing tech industry is surprisingly close to making that a reality. Obviously, we don’t see robots in our day-to-day lives, but several businesses are starting to integrate a few robot workers into their team. This video shows the capabilities of many new Keenon robots, which are primarily used in restaurants.

Restaurant owners and engineers everywhere are looking for robotic solutions to the tedious problems that running a restaurant has to offer. Whether it be delivering drinks to several tables at once, or keeping a dish as hot as possible for the guest.

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These robot models excel in delivering items to guests, while maintaining a straight line. They utilize motion detectors to not hit anybody in the restaurants, and are programmed to deliver to numbered tables. While we still have a ways to go to make true human robots, these cute little waiters provide an excellent and budget-friendly service for restaurants all over the world.


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