The Artistic Evolution of Online Gaming

This video details the artistic evolution of online gaming over the past fifty years. Online gaming did not just start with recent classics like Minecraft. Very rudimentary games were possible going as far back as the 1950s. By the time the 1970s came around technological improvements allowed for the addition of graphics in games such as Pong.

The 1980s saw another jump forward as networked computers were finally allowed us to connect with other users. The strength of the PC was not as it is now, of course. So those early games from the 80s were primarily text based, or maybe included very simple graphics.

These days, Minecraft has become one of the most influential games to date. Players can host their server by installing Minecraft on their computer and following the instructions. There are many hosting services available for this game, including the free hosting Minecraft. The server is the brain of the game, which is why hosting services are so important. There are two main types of servers that you can rent; Dedicated Server or VPS Server.

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