Unique Balloons Can Add Color And Character To Your Parties

Balloons have been used in various events ever since the first rubber balloon was unveiled in 1824 by Professor Michael Faraday. The simple act of adding air or helium into an enclosed pocket has opened many uses that are not immediately apparent.

Types Of Balloons

Pick up any balloon from a nearby store or order balloons online and chances are those balloons will be made of latex. However, you can buy or order balloons online that are made of rubber, nylon fabric and even polychloroprene.

You can produce latex usually found naturally in many kinds of plants as a milky fluid. It turns to a thicker form when the milky fluid is exposed to the air and is then collected. A single tree that produces latex can keep providing the ingredient for 40 years, which means, rather than destroy hundreds of trees with deforestation, trees can be kept alive and cultivated without wasting money and energy on heavy machinery. Creating balloons that are made of latex are actually very eco-friendly.

Latex balloons reaching 11 inches and filled with helium will last anywhere between 12 to 20 hours while balloons filled with air can last several weeks, the down side is air balloons do not float.

From Valentine’s Day To Parties

People love getting gifts, it is nice to know someone cares enough to go out and find a gift specifically for you. And what better time to find one than on Valentine’s Day? WalletHub conducted a Valentine’s Day survey in 2019 and their results showed that your Valentine is expecting you to spend, at the very least, $50 on a gift for them. You could attach the gift to a heart shaped balloon filled with just enough helium for it to float and place it in a surprise location or push it so that in floats towards your Valentine like a ship of love.

People love celebrating their birthday, and how could you not? It’s a day about you! Well, at least most people enjoy it. According to a recent survey, 71 percent of individuals do not care what age they are, they will be celebrating it. Balloons are integral to a party, birthday or not, because you can order balloons online that are unique and specific to whatever party you are having.

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