What To Do First When Moving Into a New House

Packing as quickly as possible will already make the move go more smoothly. You should also try to unpack everything just as rapidly. If you did leave something behind at your old location, it’s important to find out sooner rather than later.

It’s possible that the people who moved into the house or apartment will find the item that you need. Some moving professionals or other people could also locate whatever it is that you’ve missed. If you wait too long, one of your possessions could be lost. While affordable moving help can make a difference when it comes to preventing these situations, it’s still a good idea to check to make sure that everything else is all right.

You’ll know all about the move if you’ve been planning for it for a while, which may not always be an option for everyone. Nearly all moving services can still help you move quickly. If you need to hire new professional movers on short notice, you could still gain access to the best moving vans.

Many professionals in this industry have clients who need some quick assistance with moving. Movers are particularly busy during certain seasons, which could make things either harder or easier.

So you just bought a new house and think you’re ready to move into it. However, you need to know what to do first when moving into a new house to ensure you do things properly. The following steps are critical for people who just bought a house because they’ll make it more livable and comfortable. Though they’ll cost you a bit of money, they’re more than worth the cost.

Talk to Utility Companies

If you want to know what to do first when moving into a new house, you need to make sure that you contact your utility companies as soon as possible. These professionals will take the time to set up your utilities and ensure that you are comfortable. Often, they need to take steps to ensure that your utilities are appropriately set up and safe for you to use, which may include some inspections from a general contractor.

This team will take a look at your hookups, make sure that they are safe and adequately designed, not suffering from any wear and tear problems, and fully operational. You’ll need to work with an electrician, a plumbing crew, and many professionals who fully understand this process. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding these teams to help you out here.

But if you’re still not sure what to do first when moving into a new house, or you can’t find the professionals who can help, contact the local city government to learn more. Often, these governmental officials can set you up with the proper teams, find experts who can help you out, and give you access to a myriad of different affordable HVAC repair crews who can help you get your home comfortable for your move. Don’t forget your internet and cable services, either!

Do Any Necessary Home Repairs

Keeping your home in excellent condition before you ever move in is vital to get right to ensure that you are comfortable and happy right away. Thankfully, the repairs that you can perform are usually relatively inexpensive and straightforward. You’ll need to get a team of professionals to handle these exterior and interior upgrades to ensure that you get them done correctly before moving into your house.

For example, you may want to work with an asphalt company to repair your driveway and fix any other problems with asphalt that may exist throughout the exterior of your home. You may also want to talk to an electrician about any hermetic electrical feedthrough that may exist in your home. Doing an energy audit is an excellent idea at this point because it can help you figure out if you have any efficiency issues.

And don’t ignore the inside of your home, either, as it is often among the most critical places to repair in a house. For example, you need to make sure that you pay attention to elements like your carpet, various interior design elements, and anything else that must be upgraded in your home. This type of upgrade is what to do first when moving into a new house to make it solid and secure.

Contact a Moving Team

Once you’ve done some upgrades to your home, what to do first when moving into a new house includes contacting movers who can help you get into your home with minimal troubles. There are many types of moving teams that you can contact. These include door to door moving teams, various kinds of heavy-object moving professionals, and any other experts that you can find for your needs.

Ensure that you prepare your items for moving by storing them in boxes and carefully wrapping them up. Label them properly to ensure that they are easy to locate and move to the suitable rooms in your house. Some moving groups may help you with these steps, but you cannot assume that they’ll take the time to help you out unless they specifically state that they will help you in this way.

Before you get your moving team into your house, it is also a good idea to talk to a local locksmith company who can help you change your locks on your home. Though the last person who lived in your house is not likely to return, knowing that they cannot is a significant burden to take off your back. You can even add locks to areas of your home you might not have considered, like your windows.

Clean Up the Home

There are so many things you need to do when moving in that it can be hard to know what to do first when moving into a new house after you’ve taken care of the essential elements, like activating your utilities, upgrading the home exterior and interior, and taking other crucial steps in this process. Before you ever move into a home, you need to make sure it is as clean as possible.

For example, you need to contact a cleaning service to do a deep cleaning of various rooms of the house. We’re talking a full wet vacuum of your rugs, various scrubbing on the walls and ceilings, cleaning your trim, and any other steps to get your home in great shape. These steps should be done both in the interior of your home, though specialized cleaning steps should be taken outside.

For instance, powerwashing is a crucial step to take to ensure that your home is immaculate. This type of washing will break apart mold, various types of mildew, dirt, stains, and other problems that may develop across your home’s surface. You might also need to take steps to clean out mold and mildew in the interior of your home to ensure that it is as clean as possible for your family’s needs.

Perform Various Safety Upgrades to the House

Your home deserves to be as safe as possible for your needs and those of your family. Unfortunately, there’s an excellent chance that the people who lived there before you did not take the proper steps to ensure that your safety was guaranteed. At the very least, you cannot assume that they took these steps because you might end up being very disappointed by the lack of proper safety protection.

For instance, you need to test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they operate correctly. You’ll need not only to gauge whether their batteries are in great shape but make sure that they are adequately connected throughout the rest of the house. They also need to be positioned throughout the home to ensure that they are likely to detect the most smoke and carbon monoxide possible.

And adding new safety and alarm security system is another step on your list of what to do first when moving into a new house. Even if there already is a security system, such as various types of motion detectors, lights, cameras, and door alarms, you should get these elements inspected first to ensure that they meet your needs. If not, you may need to purchase upgrades and renovations to your system.

Perform Other Types of Renovations

Now that you’ve handled many of the basic steps taking care of what to do first when moving into a new house, you need to perform a variety of different renovations. These steps should be taken BEFORE you move any of your items into the home. If you cannot keep them in your old home, have your moving crew take them to a storage area. Preferably, it would be best if you did these upgrades before you have to move out.

For example, you need to take care of upgrading any appliances and utilities in your home. Tub repair, upgrades to your toilets, new sinks, improvements to pipe systems, upgrades to your windows, enhancements to your floor, increases to your foundation, and much more are all critical as a way of making your home more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family.

Don’t also forget to upgrade and renovate the exterior of your home as well, paying attention to your driveway, siding, roofing, yard, and all other elements of your house. Doing so will ensure that you get the best results from your renovations and provide your home with the long-term benefits necessary for ensuring that things go as smoothly as possible for your needs as a homeowner.

Purchase Warranties and Insurance Policies

Another step to take when learning what to do first when moving into a new house is to purchase warranties and insurance for your house. Good warranties are critical for any high-value item you own in your home. For example, all of your appliances will need to be upgraded and enhanced in this way to ensure that they are protected and to keep your monetary investment as safe as possible too.

You may be able to purchase one extensive warranty that helps to cover all of your home’s appliances to keep your home protected. Or you might end up having to buy individual warranties that also surround this level of protection to ensure that everything meets your needs.

The same is true of insurance policies, as these often help to cover all of your home’s needs. These policies are different from warranties and cover different types of problems. For example, insurance will cover all the damage caused by natural disasters and various kinds of serious failures. Warranties will cover product failure, such as if your washing machine suddenly fails due to manufacturing failure.

Childproof Everything You Can

By now, you might feel like you know what to do first when moving into a new house. You’re pretty close to being done, it is true, but there are still steps that you need to take to keep your home safe. For example, you need to make sure that your home is as childproof as possible. Not enough people take this step when they have young children and end up experiencing long-term problems as a result.

These steps include protecting them from stairs with child gates, putting childproof handles on doors to potentially dangerous rooms (like chemical storage areas), put plastic guards in electrical outlets, and take other steps that help to protect your children. Doing so is crucial because you’ll make sure that your child is comfortable in your home and protected from their innate curiosity and wonder.

You might want to walk with your child through the new home, as well, to show them essential areas that may impact their safety in a home. For example, they need to know how to turn off electricity and water in an emergency. Though you should take care of this situation for them, they should know to tell their babysitter or family members if you aren’t around and forget to tell them.

Update Your Mail Situation

You’re just about done finishing up what to do first when moving into a new house! Are you feeling a sense of palpable relief? You should because you’re almost ready to move into and enjoy your home with no difficulties. However, it is also essential to understand that you need to take a few other steps before you’re ready. These include updating your mail situation to update your address.

For instance, you can either go to a local post office and change your address by submitting a simple form. However, you can also change your address online and pay a small fee to get the best results. You only need to pay $1 if you do this and only verify your name and identity. Doing so will immediately start forwarding your mail to you and give you the best chance of getting it correctly.

You also need to make sure that you update your billing address on all your financial institutions. For example, if your debit or credit card has a billing address for your old home, you need to make sure that you update this information to your new address. Doing so will help to cut back on confusion and ensure that your money gets where it is supposed to go with a minimum of difficulty.

Move Into Your Home Properly

As you can see, knowing what to do first when moving into a new house is somewhat complex but nothing that you can’t handle if you’re intelligent and dedicated to your move. Ensure that you pay attention to all of these steps and integrate them into your moving day process. Doing so will help ensure that you experience the best possible move and cut back on any complications you might not expect.

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