When You Might Need Some Balloons

All kinds of fun events and parties call for decorations, from flower arrangements to tablecloths to streamers and even lighting. And, of course, this often involves balloons, too. In fact, balloons might be one of the first things a person pictures when they imagine a birthday party or a bridal shower, and air filled balloons can be taped onto all kinds of surfaces to decorate the premises. Foil balloons and some latex balloons can be filled with helium instead, and they will be on a weighted string to stay in place. Wholesale latex balloons can be ordered by the staff of any party supply store, and a wholesale balloon supplier will have a working relationship with any party supply store. And it’s not just that; even a general store may have balloons and thus a relationship with wholesale balloon suppliers in the area. These wholesale balloon suppliers may offer both latex and foil balloons, and those wholesale balloon suppliers may supply packets of balloons in the dozens or even hundreds.

What to Know About Balloons

The idea of balloons is a simple one, and these fun decorations date back further than some people might think. Back in 1824, a certain professor Michael Faraday invented them when he fused the edges of two rubber sheets together, and these early balloons could be inflated with air. It’s safe to say that the idea took hold, and today, balloons are largely found in two different types: latex, and foil.

Latex balloons might be considered the “regular” type, as they’re pretty common and they have a distinctive tear drop shape that’s often synonymous with balloons. Why latex? Rubber comes from certain trees in the Amazon, and concerns about deforestation have encouraged the use of latex instead. After all, a latex tree can offer latex materials for 40 years without dying, so this is a much more environment-friendly route to take. These latex balloons are small at first, but when they are inflated, they swell up to a great size, often anywhere from 10-30 centimeters in diameter. They are often a single, solid color, and they may be sold in packs of a dozen or even a hundred. Care should be taken, though, so no pets or small children choke on them.

These latex balloons can be filled with either air, or helium to make them float. Most often, helium-filled balloons are found at a public place, since a typical household won’t have a helium pump. An 11-inch latex balloon filled with helium may last about 20 hours, and if filled with air, it may last almost two weeks. These balloons should be kept away from hot light sources, though, since that will heat up (and thus expand) the air inside and cause the balloon to pop.

Foil balloons are made of two foil sheets fused at the edges, and unlike latex balloons, they can take a wide variety of fun shapes. The shape is based on how the sheets are cut, and they can be squares, circles, hearts, or even form numbers. These balloons are usually filled with helium, and what is more, they often have graphics printed on them for decoration. They might have a “happy birthday” message or a “get well soon” kind of message on them.

Decorating With Balloons

What calls for balloons? A birthday party is a common time for balloons, especially a kid’s birthday party. Among other decoration types, balloons are a fun and easy way to decorate a room or outdoor space and add some color. Indoors, they can be taped to the walls, ceiling, or the backs of chairs, or scattered on the floor to form a sort of ball pit. Outside, balloons might be filled with helium and attached to strings. Meanwhile, some foil balloons are shaped like numbers, and one or two of them may be used to form the birthday celebrant’s age.

A bridal shower or baby shower is another fine time for balloons, which may be white, pink, or similar colors the woman of the hour might like. And of course, balloons are a fine choice for a hospital patient, who may receive a foil balloon with a “get well soon” message printed on it.

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