Finding Latin Art in Coral Gables

Art is a universal human pursuit, and it is famous for taking a near-infinite variety of forms. Songs, dance, sculptures, paintings, sketches, and much more can constitute art, and famous pieces can capture the entire world’s imagination. For residents of South Florida, there are many appealing options for a night out visiting art galleries, and the city of Coral Gables may have plenty of Latin art pieces to share with the public. Art galleries across Miami and Coral Gables may showcase the Latin American cultural influences of Florida, featuring Cuban art paintings, Mexican pieces, and even more. The works of Linda Kohen, Jose Perdomo, Mauricio Contreras, and many others are always out there for the public to see. Finding these galleries, especially for a guest to Coral Gables or Miami, may involve getting a paper or digital map of the area to find those galleries. Searching online may be a fine place to start, such as “coral gables gallery night map” or “Latin art in Miami.” A client may search “coral gables gallery night map” may be refined by specifying a ZIP code or particular artists’ work. Queries such as “coral gables gallery night map” or “miami art galleries” may also show the average guest rating of each museum, helping a tourist find the best galleries in the area.

Art and Americans

Someone who looks up “Miami art near me” or “coral gables gallery night map” is getting into a vast world of art and exhibits. In 2017, for a fairly recent example, the worldwide art market had reached a value of $64 billion USD, and this could very well grow in the future. American artists, including Latin American artists, appear generously around the world; in fact, American art has a place in around 40% of all art collections across the globe. Among all these galleries, paintings prove to be the most popular media, appearing in 83% of collections, vs collage, drawings, and works on paper appearing in 15% of them. In the United States in particular, some 113,000 nonprofit art organizations are currently running, and they employ some 2.2 million artists in the work force, a significant piece of the economy. Hispanic and Latino artists comprise only a minority of American artists having their work showcased in prominent museums, at 2.8%, but some museums in Latin-heavy regions such as Texas and South Florida may have a higher concentration of their works. Anyone fascinated with Latin American art may visit cities such as Coral Gables cor Miami to see them.

Art in Public Areas

To be sure, art is aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking when viewed in a museum, but art can do even more. Art is deeply linked to the human psyche in all sorts of ways, and public areas ranging from hotels to offices to doctor’s offices have realized that. It is common for prints, or even original paintings, to appear in these areas where people may see them, usually for a calming effect or to make a place feel more homely. A doctor’s office or library that would otherwise feel austere can be made much more comforting with some framed art on the walls.

In fact, such art can have a mental enhancement effect on American employees who see it. Studies have been done to study art’s place in modern offices, and the results show that, in general, art is beneficial. Art pieces do not just look nice; they can boost the creativity of anyone who regularly sees them, and in any office, a manager is bound to appreciate a boost in creativity and flexible thinking among the employees. Framed pieces of art such as painting prints or photographs can be put on the walls, where employees may look them over when they’re new, then accept those paintings as a natural part of the office. Every so often, the pieces shown might be rotated to refresh the effect. This can go hand in hand with potted plants and creative arrangements of tables and desks. Such spatial and visual arrangements help prevent workers’ minds from going into a stale rut, and fresh and creative surroundings can make for a fresh and creative mind in turn.

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