Why Should I Take Dance Lesson?

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Here you are at the wedding of the year, and you are stuck sitting at the table because you know you can’t dance. You have already declined two invitations to the dance floor because your skills have never been up to par. Realizing how much more fun you could be having if only you could dance, you make a conscious decision to enroll in a dance class.
Many people do not know how to dance, even though there are about 8,404 dance studios across the United States. A simple classic ballroom dancing class can take you from the sidelines to the middle of the dance floor. Along with relieving your dance anxiety in a social setting, there are many benefits to dance classes.

  • According to the New England Journal of Medicine, attending dance classes regularly can aid in improving memory and reducing the risks of dementia.
  • Attending a regular dance class provides a consistent routine of exercise which will increase flexibility and help to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Studies have shown that participating in dance regularly can help improve and reduce depression symptoms.
  • Dance classes help improve balance and posture, while still being able to have fun.
  • Participating in a dance class regularly helps strengthen bones and muscles.
  • The Journal of Applied Gerontology states that participating in a dance class regularly can reduce stress levels significantly.
  • Dance classes not only provide and opportunity for regular aerobic activity, but they also promote cardiovascular health.
  • Not only does dance class provide an individual with the opportunity to exercise, but it provides a social opportunity as well.

If your are too self conscious or nervous about joining a dance class, know that the number of Americans taking dancing classes has increased by 35% from 2001 to 2011. You can also choose between group dance classes and private dance lessons. So, next time you are at the wedding of the year, instead of being stuck at a table you will be the life of the party after taking some classic ballroom dancing lessons.

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