You Won’t Believe What KISS Is Endorsing

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Over the years, musicians have done a great deal to mix up and perfect guitar multi effects and guitar distortion. Rock stars and world-famous guitars have also had a hand in somewhat less expected endeavors, however. What are they? Some of the most legendary guitarists and musicians have earned just that little bit of extra cash by endorsing some pretty weird products. Here are the most unexpected musician endorsements.

Where Do KISS Fans Go To Die?

While endorsing walrus audio pedals or guitar multi effects pedals may be somewhat expected, for example, KISS will do no such thing. Instead, the world-famous rock group has designed its very own KISS Kasket. Die-hard fans (no pun intended) can spend eternity in a literal shine to the somewhat off-the-wall rockers.

Get Tipsy, But Only From This Celebrity-Sanctioned Wine

“If AC/DC were a drink, they’d be a warm lager drunk through a sock by a sunburnt Australian. Despite that, they’ve just launched a sophisticated range of wines named after their hits,” Music Radar writes. While rock stars may be a little too famous for having a bit of fun after the show, now you can have some fun of your own, while drinking wine plastered with your favorite musicians’ faces.

Guess Who Is Backing Snakeskin High Heels!

Santana is using another outlet to express his creativity, and this time it’s shoes. Santana now sells designer shoes, including “snakeskin, tassles, glitter and foot-long stiletto heels,” according to Music Radar. A portion of sales goes to the Milagro Foundation, a charity that benefits children in need.

Sometimes, endorsing guitars, pedals, and other accessories is just too expected. These stars are stirring things up by lending their name and sometimes even their time and effort to wine, caskets, and snakeskin high heels. More:

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