3 Grownup Party Themes Appropriate for All Audiences

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Whether they’ll admit it or not, adults love themed parties just as much as kids do. But when you’re sifting through ideas for corporate events or adult birthday parties, it can be difficult to come up with a theme that’s fun, scalable and inoffensive. Here are three ideas that are appropriate for a wide range of guests and are sure to make anyone’s birthday feel special:

  1. California Dreamin’

    If the guest of honor isn’t big on dressing up, then a relaxed California theme is sure to please. Focus on the ’50s and ’60s, being inspired by classic cars, surf culture and — of course — the Beach Boys. Food can be simple (no gourmet crudite plates necessary), and decorations can be picked up from most any party rental company. And by choosing a California beach theme, you’ll both set yourself apart and avoid potentially being insensitive with common picks like a Hawaiian or Polynesian theme.

  2. Vines and Chocolates

    This is a more abstract type of theme, but it’s also a delicious one. For a late-night party, put together a luxurious wine and chocolate tasting. It will feel sophisticated without being stuffy or over the top, and there’s no need to spend extra on a full meal beforehand. You can even draw inspiration from your featured flavors in the decoration, with rich burgundies and deep chocolate browns. And as for crossing the line between form and function — few people like anything more than a chocolate fountain.

  3. Vegas, Baby

    Instead of focusing on the casino aspect of this theme (which is often overdone, especially as it overlaps with “James Bond” themes), use the entertainment options of this famous city as a starting point. There are many private party entertainers you could consider, including musicians, comedians and dancers. But for a more elegant (and PG) approach, hire a magician. Professional magicians can astound your guests with a variety of close-up and stage magic, as well as wowing them with mentalist skills like mind reading. Plus, by hiring magicians for birthday parties, you give all the guests an excuse to dress up just as fabulously as the entertainers.

Had you ever thought of hiring magicians for birthday parties at which adults are the primary audience, or have you always thought of magicians as a “kid thing”? Join the discussion in the comments.

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