Ballroom Dancing Exercise and Socialize at the Same Time!

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The exercise benefits of ballroom dancing are well documented. Really, it boils down to common sense when you consider the intricate maneuvering in ballroom dancing, you stand to burn a lot of calories in a session with your partner. The exercise benefits of ballroom dancing appeal to a large cross-section of age groups, which is another reason why it’s becoming a more popular form of working out. But don’t forget that ballroom dancing isn’t typically thought of as an exercise first and foremost, which contributes to the fun. Here are several exercise benefits you’ll gain from ballroom dancing lessons with a partner.

  • Flexibility
    Flexibility is a key exercise benefit of ballroom dancing. While statistics tell us that women are generally more flexible than men by nature, both sexes can benefit from ballroom dancing’s provision of more flexibility. When you take ballroom dancing lessons, they will probably begin with a host of stretching exercises to help protect against injury and also to prepare your body to handle the dance steps with greater ease. Flexibility is something you’ll definitely gain more of as continue learning the actual dance steps. The reason being that many of the steps necessitate a high volume of stretching and bending.

  • Strength
    Naturally, you’ll develop more strength as you spend increased time ballroom dancing. The style contributes to strength buildup by forcing your muscles to built resistance against your own body weight. Male dancers in particular get to really build up their leg muscle strength during the times when they must lift their female partners high above their heads. Such force-intensive actions require strength from your leg muscles, so your leg muscles are built up more and more just by doing the regular dance moves.

  • Endurance
    Endurance is really the capability of your muscles to work harder for longer without giving in to fatigue. The intensity that you’re required to put into ballroom dancing lessons makes this form of exercise a particularly potent means of building endurance. Each time you dance with a partner and work on your quick steps, lifts or twists and turns, you are conditioning yourself to be able to do these with increasingly less fatigue.

  • Mental Health
    Since ballroom dancing is considered a group activity, it has positive effects on your mental health. Studies assert what is already common knowledge: Being around other people builds up your social ties, and socializing contributes to a positive outlook as well as a higher sense of self-confidence. Joining a ballroom dance class is one such way to accomplish this.
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