5 Phenomenally Fun Ways for Your Family to Stay Active This Fall

Family fun

Even though the hot days of summer are behind us, that doesn’t mean that the family fun has to end. Fall is actually the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather or escape the stresses of school and work with fun family activities. If your brain is fried after a long week but want to come up with an active event that everyone can enjoy, here are five phenomenal ways for your family to stay active this fall:

  • Flag football
    Even if not everyone in your household is a sports fan, a game of flag football is just one of the family fun activities that allows you to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage and spend time with one another while getting a great workout. Even if you don’t play a formal game, just throwing a football around in the backyard can become an active, outdoor adventure.
  • Parkour
    The activity of parkour has recently become more popular in the U.S., but many people may not be familiar with the term. Parkour is a physical and mental training method that allows you to overcome obstacles in both urban and natural settings. The idea is to get from one point to another in the most efficient way possible, using running, climbing, jumping, swinging, rolling, and more. Because you can practice parkour with other people, it’s an innovative way for the whole family to see their environment through new eyes, and come up with physical ways to conquer obstructions in their way.
  • Climbing
    Whether you want to try rock climbing in the great outdoors or use a rainy day to test your skills on an indoor climbing wall, climbing can be a great workout for the entire family. Climbing outdoors gives you the chance to appreciate the beauty of fall, but if you’d like to go rock climbing in a supervised and totally safe environment, an indoor climbing wall can be the way to go. Learn new skills and develop muscles you didn’t even know you had — it’s a great way to spend a Saturday!
  • Biking and hiking
    Whether your family loves to take bicycle rides or you’ve been wanting to explore a certain hiking trail, fall is the perfect time to explore the scenery around you while getting some exercise. Biking and hiking trails allow you to immerse yourself in fall foliage — you may not even realize what a great workout you’re getting! And because there are trails perfect for all skill and difficulty levels, you’re sure to find one the whole family will enjoy.
  • Seasonal picking
    It may not be as aerobic as other autumn activities, but going to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch can provide a lot of quality time and fun, and you’ll probably be moving more than you realize! Plus, you’ll get to see the bounty of fall first-hand — and take some of it home with you to enjoy as healthy snacks and decoration. Try finding an orchard that offers several varieties of apples to notice (and taste) all the differences, or go to a farm that has both a pumpkin patch and a corn maze for even more fun and fitness.

No matter what kind of activities your family prefers, fall provides the perfect excuse to spend time together and get moving. Research local events of the season in your area for even more awesome autumn activities!

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