What You Can Do If You Hate Your Wedding Photos

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Your wedding day has come and gone, and everything went so well. After the honeymoon, you arrive back home to find a message from your wedding photographer with all of the pictures taken at your ceremony and reception for you to review. This should be a time to reflect and bask in the afterglow of the moment — but what if you hate everything you see?

If your wedding pictures didn’t come out so well, don’t start to panic. There are a few ways you can save the evidence of your precious memories, even if what you see seems nothing like what you experienced on your big special day. Here are a few common oversights — and a few ways to set them right.

If your wedding photos are missing crucial moments… Ask for a re-shoot. Perhaps there aren’t any solo portraits of the bride, or pictures of your parents together. Explain your disappointment to the photographer and ask if it’s possible to do a make-up session in your wedding attire. Some moments, however, simply can’t be recreated — your first dance, best man’s speech — but a photographer simply can’t be everywhere all the time. Some moments will have to live on in memory alone.

If the quality seems sub-par… See if you can outsource the wedding photo editing to a photo correction services. You could ask the photographer for the raw images and see if a professional photo editing service might be able to salvage some of them or make them more appealing. This might be an extra expense out of your wallet, but it’s worth it to save wedding photos that you’ll want to share with your grandkids someday.

Before you jump to hasty conclusions, make sure to speak with the photographer. Sometimes, they’ll send you pictures before they’ve gone through any photo correction services so that you can pick out the few dozen out of hundreds that you specifically want. Communication is key — and it can mean the difference between a wedding photo album that you’ll proudly display throughout the years and one that you hide away and hope no one ever sees. Get the pictures you deserve to memorialize the most important day of your life!

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