A Detailed Guide to Apple Picking Apple Picking Tips

There are more than 2,500 varieties of apples planted in the United States, with 75,000 varieties grown internationally. However, only 100 varieties are planted for commercial purposes in America. Apples come in different shades, including reds, greens, and yellows. Here’ what you should know about apple farming in the United States.

1. What Health Benefits Do Apples Have?

Apples are among the most popular fruits. They are exceptionally healthy and possess multiple health benefits. First, apples are good for the heart because they have been linked to minimal risks of heart illness. They contain soluble fibers, which are effective in lowering the level of blood cholesterol.

Additionally, apples are good for bone health. Usually, eating this healthy fruit is beneficial because it contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory elements, which help promote bone strength and density.

2. How to Plan for Apple Picking with Your Children

Planning for an apple orchard tour with your kids is essential, particularly during the fall season. However, you should consider certain factors as you organize to head to an apple farm with your kids.

First, you should choose the farm you will visit because orchards are never similar. Upon finding an appropriate orchard for you and your children, you should determine the reason for your apple picking activities. Individuals pick apples for multiple reasons including baking, eating, and preservation into jam.

3. What are the Important Tips for Apple Picking?

Before going out for apple picking, you should prepare to visit the orchards earlier. Usually, early preparations during the picking season facilitate getting in the farms timely. With this, you will have a better opportunity of getting perfectly ripe apples.

Multiple apple orchards provide apple donuts during the picking period. In this regard, you should plan to carry a couple of them home for consumption. Additionally, it is essential to master certain picking strategies. Usually, apples found on the lower branches ripen quickly and are easier to grab. These are the ones you should consider.

4. Creative Ways to Utilize Apples at Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding occasions that occur during the fall season can be exceptional with the incorporation of apple drinks, favors, and centerpieces. Here are creative ways to use apples in your wedding ceremony.

Your wedding ceremony can incorporate apples as edible centerpieces other than the common floral patterns. This element can be achieved by filling baskets with apples and setting them up in different tables. This way, guests can access their preferred apple flavor easily from the tables.

Additionally, an apple donut constitutes a unique fall wedding ceremony staple. As such, pairing apple cider donuts with tiny sips of cider makes the occasion enjoyable. A homemade apple pie makes a perfect wedding ceremony treat, as well.

5. Delicious Ideas for Serving Apple Pie at Your Wedding

You can substitute wedding cakes with apple pies at your wedding ceremony. Individuals most commonly cite these pies in their top three favorite pie flavors: Apple (47%) and pumpkin (37%). As such, you can decide whether to swap out your traditional wedding cake entirely or add different flavors of mini pies to supplement other treats throughout the reception. With numerous varieties available, a table filled with pies is a pleasant surprise for your wedding guests.

Additionally, you can serve your apple pie with different textured toppings. As such, you can mix up the pies by displaying them differently on stands in varying sizes and heights. To enhance the pie display, you should add a few floral arrangements, which bring color and texture to the toppings.

6. Why are Apple Hill Farm Wedding Exclusive?

Apple Hill Farm Weddings situated in California are designed to offer time to prepare for your fall wedding ceremony. At apple hill farm wedding, organizers focus on developing exciting and memorable parts of your wedding events.

Apple Hill possesses unique elements that make its wedding preparation favorable and exclusive. First, Apple Hill contains numerous indoor building spaces that permit the glamorizing of brides and their bridesmaids. Additionally, it possesses wonderful views, which facilitate the hosting of exclusive wedding ceremonies.

For outdoor wedding occasions, Apple Hill provides huge and grassy lawns situated near fishing ponds. Besides, its reception considers utilizing impressive ideas that involve customizing apples for use during wedding events.

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