Considerations For Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a long and intense process, with many different facets and aspects to consider. After all, pulling off the perfect wedding is no easy feat. But there are many people doing it each and every year, with more than 44,000 people getting married each and every weekend here in the United States alone. That means each and every year, very nearly two and a half million people are able to successfully tie the knot.

But even though this planning process can be stressful, it’s well worth it in how it allows the actual wedding day to go as smoothly as is humanly possible. And, after all, the average engagement period last around 14 months, according to a survey that was conducted by The Knot. Fortunately, this is something that leaves most people with ample time to plan their weddings. And if you need more time, having a longer engagement is certainly not uncommon in the slightest, as many engaged couples will wait to actually get married for a whole array of reasons.

During the planning process, there are a whole host of important things to be considered. For instance, the time of year during which the wedding is held is important, as it will influence many other factors that go into the wedding planning process. Having outdoor weddings is just one example, as such weddings are typically only possible during summer months or in warm climates. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that up to 15% of all American weddings will take place in the month of June alone, with October the second most popular month to wed in (accounting for around 14% of all weddings held in the United States).

If you decide to get married during the summer, you might choose to host your wedding outside. This not only takes advantage of the likely beautiful weather, but can save you a good deal of money, as you will not have to book an entire venue. But renting a tent is likely still ideal when it comes to hosting an outdoor wedding. After all, renting a tent will mean that your wedding can continue no matter what. Without renting a tent, you are at mercy to the weather – if it rains and you haven’t gone through the process of renting a tent, you might not even be able to have the wedding in the first place. Therefore, renting a tent is well within your best interests.

Of course, renting a tent comes with its own considerations. When renting a tent, for instance, you’ll need to make sure that the tent rental you choose is big enough for all of your guests. Therefore, solidifying your guest list before renting a tent from a tent rental company is absolutely essential. On average, just over 135 people will attend the typical wedding. However, this number can certainly vary quite dramatically in both directions.

But how do you know how to rent a tent with the space you need? Fortunately, there are some helpful calculations that can come into play when renting a tent from a wedding rental service. Many of the considerations for renting a tent and what size tent you should rent will come into play in relation to the type of seating plan you want for inside said tent. For instance, cathedral style seating inside of a tent will require at least six square feet per guest. If you choose to serve a meal within the tent, 12 square feet per person will be needed if round tables are being used. However, you can cut that number down to 10 square feet per person by switching to rectangular tables. If you’re short on space and want to choose the most economical option when renting a tent, this can prove to be the right choice for you.

At the end of the day, going through the process of renting a tent is most certainly just one aspect out of many when it comes to wedding planning. But checking renting a tent off of your list is certainly something that will make the rest of the planning process all that much less stressful, something that is certainly a huge ideal.

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