A Green Solution For Your New Year’s Bash Fun Ideas To Bring To Your Wholesale Balloons Supplier

When you buy balloons, you buy fun. It really is as simple as that!

Throwing a party can be a little stressful, especially for the time-strapped. There are invitations to send out, foodstuffs to order, decorations to set up…it’s neverending! Balloons give you a way to have fun before you have fun. They’re colorful and easy to use, with endless decorating opportunities. Need a few ideas before you hit up your wholesale balloons supplier?

From foil balloons that twinkle to heart shaped balloons that make a loved one smile, the list below will have you covered. Let’s take a look at all the different ways you can use wholesale balloons for party decorations.

Fun Facts About Balloons Throughout History

When’s the last time you thought about where some of those party decorations came from? Balloons have a fascinating history, due in no small part to their collision with today’s best manufacturing technology. The first rubber balloon credit goes to Professor Michael Faraday back in 1824 — he used two sheets of rubber stuck together as part of an experiment. Now you can find balloons just about anywhere, in any shape or color you can imagine! While latex balloons are the most common, foil balloons see a surge of popularity during holidays.

Try Heart Shaped Balloons To Supplement Your Valentine’s Day

Next time you want to show a loved one how special they are, consider adding a final touch. Alongside your chocolate boxes and wine bottles the heart shaped balloon is an adorable addition. Tie it onto the bottle neck or pair it with the card, whichever suits your fancy! According to WalletHub, nearly 45% of people expect their Valentine to spend at least $50 on a gift. The great thing about balloons is they’re affordable and they stand out immediately.

Foil Balloons Are Perfect For New Year’s Parties

New Year’s Eve is just in a few months! Are you ready for the biggest party ever? Your wholesale balloons supplier will have more than enough options to make everyone at the function smile. Silver metalized balloons were first invented in the 1970’s for the New York City Ballet, soon becoming a staple of every party store and grocery outlet around. These shiny decorations pair nicely with light strings and candles — their stiff material also makes it easy to attach them to straws or poles!

Make Balloon Animals With A Handy Tutorial

For those slightly more ambitious parties, balloon animals make for a fun party trick and a way to keep kids entertained. The most common balloon animal is the dachshund, though you can also sneak by with a snake or a silly giraffe. Grab a few markers and stickers to complete the package. Latex balloons are most commonly between 10 to 30 centimeters in diameter. You can also buy a bunch of little ones to create cute additions like eggs, fish, or apples.

Enjoy The Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Latex Balloons

This may seem surprising, but latex balloons are actually a very green investment! While you shouldn’t be dumping your used balloons on the ground, this material is helpful in keeping deforestation rates low. Rubber trees grow in rain forests and harvesting from latex trees discourages them from being tampered with. A single latex tree can product useful materials for up to 40 years! Air filled balloons are also a cheaper way of creating your materials than using helium.

Sparkling foil balloons for the party. Colorful latex balloons for the birthday. Ask your wholesale balloons supplier how they can liven up the festivities.

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