What Makes Orchard Weddings Cool?

The fallen leaves and apple-laden trees in Apple Hill orchards provide a scenic view for any nature lover in late August and September. This period is the apple picking season, which is also a preferred wedding season. Autumn is a popular season that is preferred over the other three seasons by at least 29% of the American population. This article reveals to you why fall is the best season to hold your wedding ceremony in Apple Hill Farm, CA.

Autumn has cool weather that is ideal for outdoor fun activities, and this makes it a perfect season for your wedding ceremony. In this season, apple orchards have amazing and unique views of fruit-laden colorful apples. These views can be an ideal background for your outdoor wedding site arrangement and photos. It’s a season in which you can also savor the tasty apple delicacies such as apple donuts, cakes, and pies.

Here are some reasons why you should host your wedding ceremony in autumn.

1. You Can Enjoy Rustic Wedding Arrangements.

You can use orchard farm items such as farm tables, wooden fruit crates, and bales of hay as your re-purposed and natural accents. These items can help you by creating a rustic farm venue for your wedding ceremony. Your mix-and-match arrangement using farm items and conventional wedding furniture and drape kits captures the essence of an orchard wedding. You can add some cozy indoor fall accessories to give your wedding an authentic fall look and spirit.

2. Lush Orchard Backgrounds for Wedding Ceremony Portraits

Vibrant orchard venues and open spaces make a gorgeous background for your wedding portraits. The towering fruit trees and their ripen apples offer a magnificent backdrop in fall. With such natural and beautiful environments, your wedding photographer can never go wrong in capturing the most memorable events of your exciting day as you say I do!

3. Time to Enjoy Everything That Is Apple Made

Baked apple pies and donuts are an obvious choice in the fall season. But an apple fruit-topped cake makes a thematic and robust visual statement at your wedding ceremony. You can also make the rest of the Apple-made delicacies for your guests to savor fall’s bumper harvest of apples.

4. Fun Activities for Kids and Adults

You can pick fruits, walk through the nature trails, or even take long hikes over the expansive stretch of the Apple Hill Placerville orchards. Most weddings get graced by hordes of kids that enjoy fun-filled weddings. Children love apple picking. You can get a guide to take them through the farm to enjoy some fruit-picking session as the adults give their wedding speeches.

There are lots of other fun activities that kids can engage in while at the farm. Some of these activities include pony, train, and horse riding.

5. Simplicity for Those That Like To Keep It Simple

Orchards and farms often do not need lots of extra decorations to make your wedding look glamorous. The groves give you to nature and simplicity, which is what most people from busy cities would love. A few well-positioned tree lights on the apple trees and simple rustic arrangements can make your wedding ceremony romantic and one of its kind.

6. Get Most Of Your Wedding Accessories At The Farm.

The Apple Hill farm provides indoor and outdoor kitchens, ice machines, furniture, cold storage for your flowers and changing bridal rooms, BBQ grills, and many more accessories and services that can make your wedding preparation a walk in the park.

Let the orchards and farmers teach and show your children where their tasty apple pies and donuts are sourced. The ranchers and farmers in Apple Hill, CA, are members of the “farm to fork” model of food sourcing, which is popular in California and all over the globe. Apart from hosting your wedding ceremony and entertaining your wedding guests, these farmers can teach your guests a thing or two about farming.

Choose an orchard in Apple Hill, and let your great day become fruitful!

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