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If you are a fan of Major League Baseball or just a fan of baseball in general, it would probably come as no surprise to you at all to learn that in 2016, Major League Baseball drew an average of 30, 437 spectators per game.

This was the second highest average in major professional sports in the Untied States. Throughout the regular season in 2016, a total of 73.74 million people attended games all over the league. Baseball is not dying. Not in the least. Instead, it is thriving.

Imagine yourself living in the United States in 1887. The country is still recovering from a devastating civil war and needs something to bring it together. You are in the grassy fields of New Jersey, the rolling hills of Virginia, the flatlands of Missouri, or anywhere else where there was open space. With your picnic lunch in hand, you join with others who will be spending their afternoon relaxing and watching the exciting baseball game that will unfold before them.

It is a game with strategy and finesse, with grace and poetry. The men play like boys again, working together to bring each other home. It is a fantastic game, like none other out there. The beauty of nature as it wraps the sounds of the game together with the ones you love.

Fast forward 230 years later and you can still see how the game of baseball is able to break down barriers, invite opposing forces to go against each other, and restore hope in unity and stability.

Baseball began on the east coast of America, expanding to the west as the country expanded. Now, the west coast has a number of different Major League Baseball teams that one can choose to root for, no matter where you might live.

If you are going on a trip this summer, chances are you won’t be very far from finding an MLB game to go to. If you are going on a trip to California this summer, you definitely won’t be far from a Major League park. Check out one of the many MLB teams in the Sunshine State.

Just a quick search for sports tickets online will give you information on sports tickets websites. There are many ticket sites with no fees to pay if you are looking for baseball tickets for sale. Name your team and you can find them. Buy Dodgers tickets for a Friday night game and also find Angels tickets for sale for the same weekend. You really have your choice.

Many people want to buy Dodgers tickets because so many people in the Los Angeles area love the game of baseball. The Dodgers have been extremely well supported in recent years, having remained the best supported team in Major League Baseball for three years in a row. In 2014, the fans who buy Dodgers tickets show up to more games than any other baseball team’s fans. There were 3.78 million fans total for the 2014 season, averaging at just over 46,000 per game.

If it doesn’t interest you to buy Dodgers tickets, maybe you would like to take in a game being played by one of the two teams to originate from California. The Sandiego Padres and the Los Angeles Angels were both born in the state of California. The other California teams, the Dodgers, the Giants, and the Athletics all moved from other cities to come out west.

Baseball is an amazing game. It has been, and many would argue that it still remains America’s pastime. Baseball was born here and has grown up here. Unlike any other game in the country, Baseball has stood the test of time, endured war and famine, enjoyed high times and low, and has remained basically unchanged in all of its years. It juts might be one of the most perfect things we have in this country.

So, if you are traveling anywhere thins summer, why not catch a baseball game in one of the 30 Major League Baseball parks throughout the land. Your kids will love it, and you will reminisce about the days of your youth. What could be better?

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