How Artwork Can Improve the Patient Experience in Hospitals

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are, almost by definition, stressful places. It is also now known that stress is actually harmful for health. This poses a challenge for designers, who must create claiming and pleasant spaces where people can wait, heal and recover. Artwork can play a major role in making hospitals more pleasant and healing places. In the workplace too, artwork can play an important part in reducing stress and boosting productivity. There are many art consultants looking for artists and artwork that will suit medical and corporate environments.

Viewing artwork reduces stress
Researchers have found that viewing artwork can lead to a qualitative and quantitative lowering of stress levels. One study had participants self-report their stress levels before entering an art gallery. They spent about 35 minutes in the gallery, wandering freely and exploring the space. On leaving, they felt that they were less stressed than when they entered.
The reduction in stress levels could also be measured quantitatively. Participants had lower concentrations of cortisol, the stress hormone. Such studies have a direct relevance for designers, planners and art consultants, who are exploring ways of using artwork in healthcare facilities and workplaces to reduce stress, improve recovery outcomes and increase productivity. As a result, art consultants are looking for artists who specialize in works that are suitable for hospitals and corporate workplaces.

Artwork for hospitals
Designers, art design consultants and hospital administrators are becoming aware of the benefits of art in hospitals. Pleasant and calming surroundings can help patients and their families deal with the stress of medical emergencies and treatments. Especially when the surroundings incorporate some element of the natural world, such as a garden view, a fish tank or a landscape painting, they encourage people to relax.
Healthcare art consulting can help hospitals and medical facilities to find the right pieces of artwork for their spaces. The Cleveland Clinic has a contemporary art collection of works produced within the past thirty 30 years. These fine art posters, public sculptures, nature images and abstract designs are on display throughout the buildings. Over 60% of patients report that they experience lower stress levels on seeing this artwork.

Art in the workplace
Study after study has shown that when employees have some control over the appearance of the workplace, they are healthier, happier and more productive. People working in spaces that have been enriched with the addition of decorative art or plants have been found to be 17% more productive than those in plain spaces.
Workers feel that artwork stimulates their creativity and makes the workplace more welcoming. From the point of view of the management, it also helps handle major challenges like stress reduction, promoting creativity, and encouraging employees to express their opinions. Art consultants looking for artists can help corporate workplaces to meet important goals. .

Corporate art consulting firms can help healthcare facilities as well as corporate workspaces to find and display the most suitable types of art. Art consultants looking for artists can help hospitals improve the quality of patient experience, and corporate workplaces to reduce stress and raise productivity.

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