How to Plan a Relaxing Wedding

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Lots of brides have a great time planning their wedding, but there are plenty who find the whole ordeal entirely to stressful. Pretty much every bride to be has considered doing away with all the planning and just eloping. There are so many things that need to be done from wedding tent rentals to flower picking to dress fittings. You have to procure wedding chairs, wedding tables and linens. If your wedding and reception will be outdoor events, the you have to think about sprinklers or heaters depending on the weather. However, if you follow these simple tips, your wedding and the days leading up to it could be a relaxing event!

  1. Pick the Venue First
    It’s hard to plan a wedding without having the venue in mind first. Once you’ve decided where you are going to have your wedding; backyard, tent, hotel, church, beach, etc. then you can decide on dates and themes that fit the venue that you have chosen. It’s also easier to figure out if you should budget in wedding tent rentals or any fees.

  2. Share Minimal Details
    As tempting as it is to share all the ever changing details of your wedding, try not to talk about it to much. Pick one of two close friends or family with whom you can tell everything and then don’t feel bad about leaving everyone else in the dark. Well meaning loved ones tend to want to share their opinions and ideas and it can be overwhelming.

  3. Pick the Important Items
    When thinking about expense, it’s recommended to pick two or three things that are particularly important to you and then spend minimally on the rest. For example, if the dress, the wedding tent rental and the dance floor are important to you- go all out. Then see where you can cut costs when it comes to table linens and flowers and the rest of the wedding.

  4. Delegate
    Let people help you. If someone already has a job to take care of, they are less likely to try and interfere with other parts of the wedding but will feel included and apart of things and you will get the help you need to get everything done. If someone is focused on the wedding tent rentals, they probably won’t have time to tell you how much they think lilies, which happen to be your favorite flower, are a bad choice.

  5. Take a Day Off
    As the wedding planning starts to get particularly intense, pick one day a week where you do nothing wedding related. This might seem stressful and at first you might be anxious to get back to it but don’t. Do something that you like to replace the wedding planning or you will just keep thinking about. Get a massage or go shopping for an outfit that has nothing to do with your wedding.

  6. Let it Go
    Once the day arrives, you have done all that you can do so if something hasn’t been done, let it go. Unless of course it’s something crucial to allowing the wedding to actually continue. But, all the little things; just let them be. You probably won’t remember them in a few months anyway.

  7. Designate a Runner
    This is one person that is your go to person during your wedding. If you are sitting in the ceremony and realize you forgot the cake cutter, shoot a text to your runner and let them know to go pick one up before the reception and then put your phone away and enjoy your wedding. This can save you a lot of stressing time.

  8. Be Realistic
    Realize that some things will go wrong. No one has the perfect event and there are bound to be things that go a little off plan. Just realize that that’s okay, it’s not going to ruin the event and you will still be married at the end of the day.

You want to be able to actually enjoy your wedding day once it comes. After all that planning, you deserve to have the best day of your life. Being able to look back on your wedding and not think about the wedding tent rentals fiasco or the flowers showing up late but just think about what an absolutely great time you had is the best feeling.

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