The Best Night Life Locations Worth Checking Out in Montreal

New city gas tickets

Montreal is an amazing city to visit, and a must-see for anyone making a tour of the Northeast.

What you might not know about Montreal is that it?s one of the largest French speaking cities in the world — Paris is number one. This is pretty impressive, considering much of Canada speaks English as a first language. It was first incorporated as a city in 1832, although the area was inhabited for nearly 8,000 years. In 1642, the colony Ville Marie was established, and this would eventually become the Montreal we know and love.

Although Montreal has a lot of great history lessons in store for anyone who?s interested, what many people want to know about after the museums have closed for the day is the nightlife in this city. What top locations can you check out in Montreal? Here are a few suggestions.

New City Gas Montreal

If you?re looking for a place with an edgy industrial vibe, then New City Gas might be the one to visit. This dance club is huge, has internationally known DJs, and outdoor space as well. One online reviewer advised that it will give you the sensation of being in a ?giant EDM festival indoors.? Another reviewer advises not to visit on the nights they give out free tickets, though, as it can ?bring out the worst in people.? You can, though, use Wantickets promo codes to save a bit of money.

Stereo Nightclub Montreal

Stereo is a great choice for visitors looking for an impressive sound system and great music. Even the lesser-known DJs at this club have gotten accolades from top reviewers, and one reviewers describes the sound system as being great because it allows the sound to be ?intense? and ?body shaking? without actually inhibiting conversations. We?ve all been to clubs where the music is so loud no one can hear each other, and it isn?t necessarily much fun to experience. It can be a good idea to get tickets beforehand, so Google for a Wantickets promo code.

About 9 million people visit Montreal every year, enjoying the culture and unique vibrance of this Canadian city. If you’re looking for a great night out, consider hitting up either Stereo Nightclub or New City Gas — or both, if you’re in town for a few days! You wouldn’t be the first — or the last — to make the most of your time in Montreal. Great references here.

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